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  1. Since I've started playing this game I have yet to find one in almost 50 matches, but all of those were played online. I switched it up to Solo Ops and have gotten 6 of them in about 12-15 matches. That was before the update too though. So if you're not getting them while playing with other players I suggest switching it up.
  2. Rep

    Haha, yeah I know

  3. Rep

    Nope, I'm the same way man. It's been a long time since I've done any.

  4. Happy late Easter, man. :)

  5. Would have liked to see more miscellaneous co-op achievements rather than the MP achievements. I wonder how long reaching rank 31 and earning all the ribbons will take.
  6. If the achievements were released they would be on this website. Just keep checking the homepage for the latest achievement lists. The site does a pretty good job of getting them on the site within a few hours of them being revealed.
  7. I had this problem as well. Tried re-installing the game and still nothing. About an hour later it randomly unlocked while it was idle at the Main Menu.
  8. I'm thinking about picking this up as well but I was wondering if it can all be done offline without the need of someone else. The achievements look pretty easy but it may be a little of a grind.
  9. There's a way to boost your level via User Created Tracks. Go into the Track Central and in the search bar type in XP. You'll find a lot of tracks people created that can be finished in under a second. Simply finish the race and click restart every time. You can earn about 10k XP in 5 minutes or so. Thanks for the guide, Maka. This Inferno level is sure kicking my ass, though. I can get about midway into the level before I run out of faults. Only played a little of Trials HD before starting this one.
  10. Are you sure you're killing the Males and not the females?
  11. Anyone have any tips for the moose hunt in the Northwest region? It's the last one I need to complete and it's really irritating me. You're supposed to hunt 3 moose within 30 yards with the .338. I've already wasted almost 2 hours on just this one hunt. It's either the time running out or having my last moose run me over which results in the hunt being failed.
  12. That did the trick, thanks! Also thanks to Bigg and Maka for the guides.
  13. I've S ranked every mission (some multiple times) and still have not unlocked the achievement for doing so. I'm online, and I even checked the achievements app to see if it unlocked but didn't pop but it's still showing locked. Tried S ranking a mission over again and still nothing. Bullshit.
  14. I've been buying the 20k packs a lot since I usually get a skip challenge card every other pack or so. Whatever is left over I just spend it on the reinforcements pack. What are people getting out of the 40k packs? By the description it doesn't sound too good.
  15. Have you tried entering in the cheat code to unlock it? Iron Man ("Heart Breaker") - 2NGSRZ
  16. Are you guys playing in The Park when attempting this? Even though the description just says a Blacktop game, I believe you can only unlock it when playing online in The Park.
  17. Yeah I hate how they have it set like that with no mission icons. I completed my first run on Master/Custom and have only managed to find a few of the missions again. I think I might just start a complete new playthrough on easy so I can have my focus back and to find all the collectibles. Kinda wish I saved my Master/Custom playthrough for last because now that I've completed it I still have all of the mods like not getting spotted/damaged on. Hopefully someone can make a map of some sort with everything included on it.
  18. I had the same issue with the GPS route disappearing a couple times. I'm pretty sure I just said fuck it and turned my Xbox off. Next day it worked just fine.
  19. Get those online achievements while you can.
  20. Rep

    Side Missions

    A lot of the side missions require you to have rope arrows, blunt arrows, and the wire-cutter tool. I have about 18 of Basso's side jobs done but I'm clueless on how to complete the rest because I have no idea on how to get up to the windows. I can't use the focus either since I started playing on Master/Custom. Anyone know if I complete the game on Master/Custom, if I can use my focus again to finish up collectibles and some of these side missions?
  21. Rep

    Master Difficulty

    Started on Master with I believe 725 points. I have the 'No Reticule' on and it took me almost 20 tries to hit that first light with a water arrow.
  22. Sigh, just tried what you had did a few times and nothing worked.
  23. Damn, you too, huh? I still have the problem, unfortunately. People who didn't unlock it the first time through said all they had to do is replay some of the games again and it unlocked along the way. I've three-starred EVERY single game twice (some games 5+ times) and it still has not unlocked. With the last patch that made it so where you can't earn the packs multiple times, I'm pretty much done with Domination mode. I even submitted a ticket on 2k support and it hasn't been answered in a good month or so. Even LD2K (one of 2k's community managers) messaged me saying that he would talk to the devs about it, but I haven't heard anything back in a month.
  24. MLB The Show would be my first choice. Killzone, Uncharted, and The Last of Us would also be nice.
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