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  1. Everything is unlockable with the controller. There is just one secret Mickey that's a bit glitchy to unlock, due to the devs mapping waving to the X button, and the secret requires you to wave while using X for something else. It's not impossible to unlock, but might cause a bit of frustration.
  2. This release has controller support.
  3. I've only been playing solo, but had 12 unlock fine so I don't think it's that.
  4. You're definitely not alone with the achievement unlock issue. Gold rewards and rep rewards do eventually come through. You can usually speed that up by signing out and back in, but Rare have temporarily closed sign-ins so don't try that if you're currently in-game. No idea if the achievements I should have unlocked will pop on their own. The one I know didn't unlock was for buying your first promotion, and I've done that with two of the three factions so far. Hesitant to do the third one.
  5. I was. I did eventually manage to get the game to start, but it's running really poorly, so it's only accepting input for small periods of time. Are you in the insider programme? Wondering if it's being caused by the preview dashboard, rather than something endemic to Tacoma. EDIT: So, I had Tacoma open and used the feedback function of the insider programme to log the issue. After the feedback finally sent, I went back to Tacoma and the problem had sorted itself out. No idea what to say about the issue now. Maybe leave the game running for a bit before trying to press A to start?
  6. Have you got all the flags in the secret locations too, in addition to those in the open world?
  7. Supposedly you can now upload your save from the 360 version via the Telltale account. Then you use telltale.com/wd2save to select the save you want to use when you start the new season. However, I've not managed to get it to use my Xbox One save yet. No idea if other formats have the same problem. EDIT: Ended up using the cloud save feature to go from Xbox One to Xbox One as it refused to acknowledge I had a save on disk, even though I do.
  8. dab198

    Post Update

    That's supposed to trigger one of the main missions, which I believe starts back at the main Hackerspace. It stops doing the cat once you've done that first step.
  9. Look on ground level directly below the hack point. There's a vent entryway in the ceiling above some bins in an alcove, which is next to one of the gas pipes.
  10. Hmm.. This may also be a silly question, but have you tried restarting the console? It might not help, but I don't know what else to suggest.
  11. If you go through Manage Game for King's Quest, is it showing up under Ready to Install?
  12. It let me get that 10MB file, but then forced a full download of chapter 5 when I started the game up.
  13. It's going live now. It was up an hour or so ago, but apparently was just a stub file. There's a 6.5GB download available now however. Achievements don't seem to be completely live (they keep disappearing from xbox.com), so I'm not going to start it until that stabilises.
  14. I started playing co-op on insane, and we quickly decided to drop down to hardcore, as it wasn't enjoyable. Even then we had a hell of a time on act 3 chapter 5. I dread to think what that's like with both players on insane. I'd probably end up doing what I've done in gears past. One player on insane, the other on casual doing most of the heavy lifting.
  15. I'm assuming The Sound of Silence is missable, without playing through a large chunk of the game again. Anything else is either multiplayer, or could be got via chapter select.
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