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  1. Hello, all, So I bought one of the 500 GB HDD's for my 360 S quite some time ago and finally have the free time to finally install it. The main question is: do I need to back anything up, and if so, how? I ask this because I have done a HDD upgrade for both my PS3 slim and PS4 and with those you have to back everything up to an external HDD and then restore it later after you do all the steps. Is the 360's in any way like this? I've Google'd this quite a bit and I cant seem to find any guides, which to me raises the question if I have to even back anything up. The guides all seem to state just pop out the older HDD and pop in the new one and the 360 will just see the HDD upgrade. I just do want to do anything until I get some additional info and what the necessary steps are before I simply pop out the older one and replace it with the new 500 GB Microsoft HDD. Thank you in advance!
  2. Yeah, after buying that audio adapter that I needed for it to work with an HDMI connection, the X12 is crisp and clear audio. Pretty cool headset. Still a drawback that it has a very long, thin wire, but I've made peace with that now. I'll get more use to it eventually. I did look up wireless TB ones, but they're way more expensive and just not as good. The X12's have like a 4 1/2 rating while the other wireless products above it have like 3, 3 1/2, and 4 stars. But yeah, if you're using an HDMI connection and want a pair of headsets for gaming on your 360, you really cant go wrong with a pair of the X12's and using them after hooking it up with the audio adapter (if your HDTV doesn't have audio out ports). ~ Rafdog89
  3. NFS: MW. My first and (probably) last 1000. Super fun and challenging game, though. Really enjoyed it when I completed awhile back. ~ Rafdog89
  4. All right, so I got my Turtle Beach X12's and NOW I have the damn audio adapter. I hooked it all up last night, and I have to say it was worth all the trouble. I comfortably played Gears 2 with everyone asleep in the house and they really helped me out with troublesome areas that I had to hear out when I couldn't see out. Overall, I spent about $65 in total. I got pretty decent deals if I have to say so myself. In total with the headset and the audio adapter, I spent less than what I would have bought the X12 at with full price. Through all the trouble, it was worth it. I just hope it doesn't reset my 360 like how all the reviewers on the product state. I guess with the audio adapter hooked up, and if you switch inputs on your HDTV, and then go back to your 360, it'll restart it. I'll have to try this when I'm not pausing a game session. Will try this out when I'm on like the main 360 screen or something -- just to be on the safe side. Thanks for all the suggestions and help, fellas! Very helpful. Much appreciated. ~ Rafdog89
  5. I have the one that comes standard with all 360's and Slims, and hooks up right above the HDMI port and ends with the composite cables. But the problem is that I think Microsoft added this bit of plastic on the bottom part so we had to be forced to buy one of those audio adapters you linked above (I linked one too in my previous post which is better and from Turtle Beach). I'm reading the reviews for the X12 on Amazon right now and everyone using an HDMI had to buy one of those audio adapters. What a waste of our time and money, man. They should at least state such an important thing on the box if your HDTV doesn't have audio out ports. My $2,000 LED Samsung only has audio in ports. Go figure. -___- But yeah, I'll get around to buying one of those audio adapters sometime today so I can hook these damn X12's up and start playing at nights with no audio interference from my TV. ~ Rafdog89
  6. So I got my X12's yesterday, and after a very frustrating hour and a half of trying to set them up, it came down to me having to purchase some other shit that I need now to hook it all up. They never even mentioned that in the reviews, on TB, or at BestBuy... I use an HDMI cable (who doesn't nowadays?!) and my TV unfortunately doesn't have audio out red/white ports in the back, so now I have to buy something else. [ame=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B08REVY/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER]I guess I have to buy one of these?[/ame] I thought the headset was going to be simple plug-n-play, but far from it. My main 360 that I use is in my living room, and that thin cord for the TB is going to be a nuisance. What system uses corded headphones nowadays? Don't we have any bluetooth headphones we can sync to the 360 now? Or one of their versions? Maybe I'll just get a pair of wireless headphones instead, but seeing the prices for them is outrageous. I only paid $60 on my PS3 Pulse new (with discounts and deals and whatnot) and now I'm not about to drop $160 on a pair of wireless TB headsets. That's almost what I paid for the damn new Slim... Cant I just buy some kind of cable that connects to the back of my TV that has audio in ports that end in audio out ports to simply connect the red/white cords from the TB headset into those and save myself from having to buy that audio adapter? Plus, I hear lots of complaints about them. I have my 360 set on another input channel amongst other HDMI inputs, and apparently when you have that audio adapter, and you switch inputs from say your 360 to your cable, then back to your 360, it'll reset it. That's all I need right now is a random 360 reset when playing on a chapter I'm taking a break from in Gears 2 on Insane... ~ Rafdog89
  7. Thanks for all the input, fellas. Yeah, I'm debating now between the X12 and the XL1. The XL1 one seems like a more basic version of the X12. It's $30 cheaper (full price on both). The XL1 just seems comfier, but the X12 has better reviews and for the deal I found I save a little over $10 with the XL12. So maybe that'll be the seal dealer for me on that. I might get the XL12 instead and give that a shot since the reviews for it are much better than on the XL1's. Plus, everyone seems to favor the XL12's more, so will give those a shot instead. ~ Rafdog89
  8. Thanks. So far, from comparing, and without breaking the bank, I like the XL1. Seems comfy and sits on your head nice. Lots of complaints I see towards not being able to talk very well on it, but that's not my main concern. My main concern is if the audio is well received from the game through the headset, and it seems to do that just fine. I think I'll go for those. ~ Rafdog89
  9. Anyone know of any good headsets that wont break the bank that I could use for gaming at night? I've finally gotten around to my backlog of 360 games and I usually get to play for a few hours after I get home from work, but the problem being is everyone is asleep at my house by the time I get off of work. I need a wireless headset (much like on my PS3 and other consoles) that allows me to play the games I want at night but without all the noise blasting from my TV. So if anyone can recommend me some headsets for the 360 that I can use for this reason, please link me. I prefer Amazon, but if I can buy it locally at places like BestBuy, then that's good too. I want to buy a headset now with all the deals they'll eventually have for the previous generation stuff before the new gen stuff comes out very soon. Thanks! ~ Rafdog89
  10. Yeah, I'm trying how to figure that out right now, but no luck. I guess I accidentally formatted my 256 MB pre-installed memory and all 5 Arcade games with it. It seems I cant re-download them because there is no option for download for any of the 5 games I obtain with the Arcade version of the 360 in my download history. The last time I played those was when I got the 360 way back in 2009, so it's been some time. Not sure when and how I deleted them or wiped them off my 360's memory, but I somehow did because I no longer seem them on there. Maybe there's some kind of code I obtained with my Arcade version that's on a piece of paper in the original box? I still have the box and all the papers, so maybe I can reinstall them that way? It's not a huge loss, but I would like them back if possible now. They weren't the reason I bought an Arcade version of the 360, but they were full version of the games and if I could get them back somehow I totally would love to try to get them back onto the HDD somehow. ~ Rafdog89
  11. I can install my old HDD from my old bulky white 360 to my new slim 360? It's not an option that sounds good, tbh lol. Plus, my old HDD is only like 14/15 GB's. It was one of the early HDD's with low memory (was a lot a few years back, though). My new one has a 250 GB HDD, so it's all the memory I need. The 4 GB slim was going for $200, and the bundle with 2 games, 1 controller, 1 month of Live, and 246 more GB's was only $50 more. Psh, why not? You know? ~ Rafdog89
  12. Oh, you can? How? It's one less option I can take away. I don't ever use Cloud or see myself using it in the future either. Might as well turn it off. And yeah, this is Microsoft we're talking about. I doubt they'd send me something for free lol. But it's also one of those things where you have the option to use it, but really don't need it if you can use your flash drive to put the game saves on and transfer them that way. ~ Rafdog89
  13. So I'm finally getting around to buying a new 360, and one bundle is on sale right now and I want to purchase it today. The only thing is I don't feel like spending $15-$20 on a HDD transfer cable when I'm only pretty much going to use it once. I have a 8 GB flash drive that I use on my original 360 and am wondering can I just put my saved game files onto the flash drive, then plug it into my new slim 360 and just transfer the save files that way? Or will that not work? Stupid question, but: does the slim 360 even have USB ports? I haven't had the chance to check out the new slim 360's, so I have no idea what ports they have or don't have. Also, just a few other questions to throw out there (but these aren't very important as the main question above): 1) My last 360 was a cheap Arcade version (I used my HDD from my last 360, so I just bought the Arcade version with no HDD) and I remember getting pre-installed games on there like Luxor, Feeding Frenzy, etc., but noticed the other day that I cant play them anymore. I know I didn't delete them, so how is that I'm not able to access those games anymore anywhere on my 360? It's like they vanished. 2) Every time I play a game, it keeps popping up with a message asking me what drive I want the game to save on. Every damn time! It's getting annoying. It shows 3 options: my main HDD; pre-installed 215 MB; and Cloud option. I've tried to remove the 215 MB option, but there is no option. Hm... this could actually be my answer to question #1 lol. I probably formatted it without really thinking of what I did and probably erased the pre-installed games on the Arcade memory. But how do I remove the damn space completely or make my 360 only save on my HDD as its only option? Getting tired of it asking me each time I play a game to which HDD to save on. If anyone can answer these questions ASAP it would be very helpful for me. I'll be buying the new 360 in just a few hours from now, so any info on my questions will be very helpful. ~ Rafdog89
  14. Just got my final 1,005 GS on this game. Thanks for the guide! Very helpful. Shame the server isn't up anymore, but oh well. Will always love and own the AoT games. ~ Rafdog89
  15. Thanks for the DLC guide. Very helpful. ~ Rafdog89
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