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  1. tell me bout it!! nothing worse then almost about to clear a Gold challenge then you lose your connection. doesnt matter what challenge i do, still lose my connection to the server but xbox live and shit is fine!! it is the worst joke and is ruining such a bloody awesome game!
  2. anyone else getting the shits when "lost your connection to the Mass Effect 3 server" appears???? i have quite a bit lately and the worst part about it is getting to wave 10 on Gold then.... BOOM!!! up it comes!!!! i have heard though that EA servers are pretty shit. could this be time for them to pick up their game??? i think so.....
  3. im no Insanity vet but i mainly use Miranda and Mordan. Miranda cause she has both Warp and Overload, plus her Slam power is pretty cool and Mordan cause of his Incinerate power! Havent had too much drama and im near the end of the game
  4. Awesome effort mate!! some skill i like pretty much spot on
  5. Awesome mate cheers for this! made it alot easier both posts did in fact!! Didnt get hit untill the final boss! Got him in the end though
  6. thanks heaps for the suggestions and help guys really appreciate it !! Im playing through Insanity on a imported Soldier from ME1 and cruising along so far. The hardest part ive had to deal with has been the end of Horizon!! Using the Geth Shield boost as a bonus power but thinking bout changing to Reave or maybe even Warp Ammo!!
  7. HELL YEAH!!! i downloaded the demo from xbox live, shouldnt have though cause now i can get enough of it and its killing me waiting another 3 weeks
  8. i love that show!! and what better lead role for Agent Sarah Walker then Yvonne Strahovski!!! she is just stunning.... i tried to make her the best i could in both this and Mass Effect 2 but i sucked.... so dont mind if i do have a peek..??? nice work
  9. didnt think it would!! i have now done the RTWM and im so pissed off that it was worse this year... think im going to stick to SVR series from now on, well all depends what trhe next WWE game is like!
  10. Couldnt have said it better myself!! the SVR series puts WWE '12 to shame if you ask me.... lets hope that come 2014, these games will be made the way they are meant to be!! That is all!!
  11. Have to agree!! i'm a fan of the SVR series and most likely always will be, but i seen a few reviews of this game and thought id give it a go.... Good thing i didnt buy it now..... not sure if i will. is therte anything good about this game....???
  12. Not meaning to whine here but does anyone else agree that the RTWM in this game is shit..?? yea they go longer then last year but i must say that SVR was at least worth playing!! Im only on my second one now and it hasnt got any better.... please tell me it does.....
  13. I have won Money In The Bank with my CAW, but it wont let me cash in on the IC title or World title at the PPV's!! do you have to cash in on a normal show...?? help please
  14. I want to start my Insanity run to 100% this game already before Mass Effect 3 is released.. having trouble deciding on a class, what bonus power to use and whether a New Game or a New Game + with a imported character.. any ideas??
  15. Still deciding on which class to use for Insanity run.. Not sure which will be the one better off, Soldier, Sentinal or Vanguard?? Then there is also the Infiltrator class which ive heard is good on Insanity.. arrgh so difficult to choose
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