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  1. I've just finished up Episodes 2 & 3 over the last two days. Episode 2, what a grind! Very dull. The back tracking in caves too? Urgh. Episode 3 though, WOW. What a breathe of fresh air that felt. I enjoyed how beautiful it looked and how seemingly simple it felt. I liked how it ended and I already miss Kassandra. 100% Achievements on both Origins & Odyssey. So proud of this. Big "Achievement" for me to have both done. Very long, grind, often dull but overall incredible games. Sad its over, happy& proud I did them. Thank you for the guide and help from the forums. Appreciate it.
  2. I just hit 100% Achievements with 220 hours played.
  3. Thanks for the guide. I'm 145 hours in with 2 Episodes of "Fate of Atlantis" to go. I'm level 80, I've got every achievement up to that point, all Orichalcum Ore, Legendary animals killed, Mythical Creatures killed, all Legendary Chests, my ship is upgraded bar one level etc etc. The game is a grind, the quests/missions aren't exciting, they are very repetitive but those are problems that have been repeated since the game came out and doesn't do it justice. I do just want these last 2 Episodes finished though. I'm burnt out. I love Kassandra but I prefer Origins as a game. Having the mentality that "I just want it over with" is sad to me, this is a beautiful game. I have loved playing as Kassandra and not how I wanted it to end. This was 145 without interruption (Not including Animal Crossing haha) I'm excited for Valhalla but I do hope the rumours of the game being shorter or smaller are true. I don't want relief at the end of a game, I want a happy memory.
  4. Thanks again, as always Nozza. Appreciate the effort. I'll be referring to this as I continue to enjoy this game.
  5. I like it. I like it a lot. I don't care about the price tag. I don't care about the review scores. I don't care about people hating it on the internet. I, me, like it. How are people collecting the orbs by the way? Has anyone found a map yet? I know for a fact I will miss several and it will drive me mad.
  6. It feels almost impossible to get 100%
  7. Is there much to do after the story finishes? (No spoilers)
  8. I did the Gold Bar glitch at the sheriffs place. Fantastic, thanks for sharing.
  9. Restarted an odler save and went from 11% to 7% and basically starting Chapter 2 over after losing my legendary bear hide, not being able to return my borrowed horse and tried to save a girl being kidnapped but the law thought I was the bad guy...
  10. I'm not enjoying as much as I hoped. Its fiddly and tedious at times. Fed up of running on a road, trying to avoid a horse coming my way and ending up arse over tit because my horse has ran into a rock. I am playing on in the hope that I get over it and become used to it. I really, really want to love this game but once I get passed the amazing scenery, I just don't feel its for me and I love the Wild West.
  11. 5th June seen the release of the newest expansion to Elder Scrolls Online - Summerset! Did anyone pick it? I, myself, picked up the collectors edition and guide book. I have yet to play the game at all but I have spent some 2,000 hours on Skyrim across several consoles and saves. I own the previous ESO DLC and expansions so to say I'm a little overwhelmed right now is an understatement. For those this did pick it up, how are you finding it? If you didn't, why?
  12. Thank you for the sig! Really appreciate it, its beautiful!!!

  13. Beautiful mate!! Thank you so much! Sorry my reply is late, I only JUST noticed your VM! Thanks again
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