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  1. I chose: To go with Rocket to Halfworld - I felt like despite us needing to get to Nebula, Rocket was desperate and I wanted to help the little guy. And the emotional payoff was worth it. I carried Lylla out - It was fitting she got to say goodbye to Rocket properly, as opposed to his last memory of her being trapped. I trusted Gamora to guard Nebula - While I felt bad for Drax after the "purpose" chat, I felt like Gamora needed to reconnect with her Sister and this might have helped. I told Rocket to keep the Computer - You'd have to be heartless to take away something Rocket has as his last memory of Lylla. I let Nebula free from her Shackles to help us fight - I felt like I could trust her, especially after talking about the deal with her Arm. Only time will tell if she tries to run, but she seemed to get stuck in and I felt like my Gut instinct was right.
  2. I've been running around Croft Manor for ages now trying to get a Key as I believe the last Skull of Rage I need to kill is behind one as I've been everywhere & can't find it. I can hear it, but not see it
  3. Howdo all, Now it's probably something so simple, but i've been stuck trying to figure out the combination to Richard's Safe. I have all the clues, and have figured out the first where the Birds on Lara's Egyptian Crown correspond with the Number 5 on the Hieroglyphics Worksheet, but I can't figure out the number for Richard's Favourite Painting by Amelia & The day of their Wedding Anniversary. Thank you in advance guys
  4. Among the new content will be an all-new episode that consists of eight original levels created by original Duke Nukem 3D designers Allen Blum III and Richard 'Levelord' Gray. All-new original music composed by Lee Jackson, the man behind Duke's iconic theme 'Grabbag' and Duke Nukem 3D sound designer, will also feature. Alongside the new tunes will be new one-liners from the original voice of Duke, Jon St. John, as well as behind-the-scenes commentary from the original development team available in-game. Topping it all off is the ability to play the game using its original 1996 engine or toggle the original visuals in real time, rendered at high fidelity using Gearbox's 'True3D Rendering'. As for Duke Nukem 3D being Backwards Compatible...nope. Maybe in the future though. I think having it Backwards Compatible already could hurt sales for this, which is understandable.
  5. Howdo all. I have a few questions regarding the Blood Ties DLC. I don't own the Season Pass as I ended up buying the Baba Yaga DLC separately as that was the only DLC that I was interested in, so I won't get Blood Ties for Free. Does anyone know if Blood Ties has a price yet? Will it be £7.99 like Baba Yaga was? Also, is Lara's Nightmare separate, or a bundle with Blood Ties?
  6. Howdo all. Just a quick one. I bought Gears of War 4 Standard Edition on the Xbox Live Marketplace on Monday & have Pre-installed it. My questions are regarding the bonus Gears of War-Judgment games. I read that apparently the deal to get all 4 Xbox 360 Titles (although I already have Judgment) is available until the end of 2016 & they're sending the codes out in waves. I was just wondering if anyone could confirm this please? Or is there a cut off date? Apologies if it sounded stupid. Long time Gears fan here from the start, and please don't think I'm a cheapskate lol. I missed out on the Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle as I only got my One in February this year, and while I have the money to buy the classics again, it would be great to own them again, but Digitally.
  7. I helped Falcone & gave him the Morphine. I figured that helping him would mean he'd return the favour by giving me information, which he did until Montoya shot him. I tried to kiss Selina. It was a smooth moment after the Bar Fight, so going in for the kiss was obvious. I went to see Hill as Bruce. I just thought he'd open up to Bruce more, even though Batman no doubt would have instilled some fear into him. I offered to carry on funding Harvey Dent's Campaign. I just figured he'd be supportive towards Bruce if I returned the favour. I chose to save Selina. Now I know that it kind of contradicts the last choice as funding Harvey will now no doubt fund Two Face in his pursuit of revenge against the Dark Knight, but I figured he'd have become Two Face anyway later down the line & I wanted to see it, plus I loved the chemistry between Wayne & Kyle, so I went with my heart over my head.
  8. I really like the Sailing in this, as it's a nice break between missions, and I like they've pulled a lot of it from Black Flag,as it doesn't give you TOO much to do at sea. Black Flag was HUGE and it worked. Too much of a good thing in Rogue would be overkill.
  9. Howdo guys. I started a new game last week after borrowing it from my Cousin because I really wanted to play it again & finished it over the weekend, but i'm hoping I don't have to start it allll over again for a 3rd time. Anyway, I spoke to Clyde at the start, but I can't remember if I pressed the back button (i've heard that you NEED to even though he deletes you), and my friends list is 119/120. My question is, am I missing a friend as Clyde counts as 121, or do I need to start it again? I got all the missable friends & have been through my friends list against the list online, so i'm sure it must be Clyde.
  10. Nope. They're all Story based Achievements that pop as you play through as per usual.
  11. I'm with Starkweather. I wasn't happy with Jane for using AJ as a pawn to get Kenny angry & to lie to Clem, but I forgave her. Although I nearly didn't. That part with the gun in the Dad's back pocket spooked me too, but I suppose we'll need more people in Season Three. I got a weird vibe about the family & nearly said no, but my Clem has been honest, nice & tried to keep everything down the middle in Season Two. That scene where Kenny is lying there dying after you shoot him was so sad & emotional & nearly made me shed a tear. My choices were: I protected the Baby I went to help Luke I didn't ask to leave with Mike I shot Kenny I took the family in
  12. I called for help, Kenny shot her, then the Russians opened fire.
  13. I saved Sarah I didn't rob Arvo I climbed into the Ticket Office I held the Baby I called for help instead of shooting Rebecca Some really tough decisions & yeah, the Gunfight has made me want Episode 5 even more too. I tell you what I thought was the hardest thing about this Episode for me. Trying to stay on the good side of both Kenny & Luke. Obviously judging by my decisions apart from letting Rebecca rest & Kenny hold the Baby, I've pissed Luke off a lot, but he was a bit dickish in this Ep. I know the pressure is getting to everyone & he doesn't like Kenny, but he was offish with me even when I was nice to him. Yeah, I chopped her Arm off & he still blames you for letting her die.
  14. I still play both, and i'm the top rank on GB TVG, so if anyone needs any help getting the most wanted ghosts etc, then let me know. If you want a game on either, or need help, then send me a Message & Friends Request My GT is in my Signature
  15. So what were everyone's reasons for making your choices?
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