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    A nerd. A major nerd. I like anime/manga and harry potter. And science and history. Go & make fu
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    Drawing, writing, singing, dancing, etc.
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    Still a student. I hope to be a video game designer! My Plan B is psychiatry

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  1. So I'm the only one who'd say Catherine (if I were a guy)? I feel alone. =P I enjoy someone more free and not tied down. I mean Katherine has a nice, calm, nature. I can see her as being a good mother--a little strict but out of love. But I think it's a little more fun with Catherine and she doesn't seem so... smutty... she seems a bit innocent actually (I just started the game shut up xP). But she gives a more carefree air, and thats what I like.
  2. I sense a vocaloid fan... 8D Anyways, I'm mostly into RPGs but I'll play just about any game so long as I enjoy the story and the gameplay isn't so infuriating that it makes me want to throw the control at the TV.
  3. Portal, for the win! Speaking of portal... "Well you found me, congratulations. Was it worth it? The only thing you managed to break so far was my heart. (something I can't quite remember xP) It's murder. ... You don't even care do you? ... Please procede into android hell!" - First heard this in The Device as Been Modified I had something more tear-jerking to post but I unfortunately forgot the quote...
  4. The point of the game is to live life through Vincent's perspective. It is to conquer your fears in your nightmares (by running away? lol) and make choices (which do impact the ending alot. There are 8 different endings) to see who you end up with: Catherine, Katherine, or there are rumors that you can end up with neither. It's really worth it for the story and all. But the game by itself--and that means not thinking about the story, visuals, or anything else but the gameplay, I think the Persona team just wanted to frustrate you. This game is anything but easy! Or so I've heard. Just watching the gamepaly does intimidate me. But it does make you think! Haha I don't know how to explain things well...
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    Just adding to the posts above, remember. All Portal was was shooting portals (no really if you break it down to the vaguest of descriptions. That's what it was.), but it was still so much more than that and it was (and still is) and amazing game. At least in my opinion. I think Catherine will be the same way. It's moving blocks and what not, but so much more than that. Besides, that's only in your nightmares. When you are awake there is more. And even if the gameplay gets boring (if you say it's too easy, I am going to slap you. This game is not easy!) or frustrating, remember that you should keep playing just to know the story for that seems to be one of the best things about this game.
  6. I know the game doesn't come out till the day after tomorrow (or, if I'm lucky tomorrow considering I got my pre-order a day early last time), but I figure it'd be nice to know what you guys think based on the trailers, rumors, etc. and after actually playing the game for yourself. So who would you rather choose and why? Catherine vs. Katherine.
  7. Hi! Hallo! Oi! Ok I'll stop before it looks like spam... Well anyways hello, I'm obviously new here and I was never very good at introduction threads... so I'll just brag a little bit and see what happens (seems to be what most people do. At least on a certain forum I know...). My actual name is Sharon. I am multilingual (fluent in English, Brazilian Portugese, working on my German, almost there in speaking Japanese [no reading for me]) and I was born into a rather inernational family (Born in the US to Brazilian parents [well, they were born there], maternal grandmother is from lebanon, maternal grandfather is from Austria). ... Sorry. I do enjoy different cultures and countries. One of my goals in life is not only to learn every language possible but visit every country possible before I die. No, it's not only because of Hetalia (actually my reasons have nothing to do with anime mind you). Yes, I like anime & manga. I think I'm talking too much now.. so... I'll see you all around the forums? LOL I'm bad at this.
  8. I definately consider games to be an art. To make the graphics beautiful and satisfying, to make a story that draws us toward the game, and the ever-so-crucial-what-button-does-what part of the game. Behind it all is an element of creativity, and people put effort into creating a game just like people put effort into a painting or drawing. All games take this effort and creativity (even if they didn't sell well. At least the people tried!), but some of the games that I found most outstanding are: Okami (for story & and artwork, and the soundtrack was just amazing! Also, the use of the celestial brush) Tales of... (for story and Vesperia had some pretty good graphics. Abyss was good for its time.) Record of Agarest War (Story & Art, the battle system) Bayonetta (Graphics & gameplay) And a few more I really can't remember the name of right now... EDIT: And who can forget Portal?
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