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  1. So here is my progress on getting the script that Pants posted to work. Before you get excited I have not got this to work completely. 969 jumps is my best and thats after messing with this script for 3 or 4 hours last night. Due to the differences in peoples PCs this will never work the same for everyone. So nearly everyone will have to fiddle with the settings to get it to work if it ever does. My advice is to get it setup and run it over and over. If you notice a consistent problem mess with that part of the script or change your latency. (Ive found 851 latency is good for me and I have a fairly high end pc). Do something like watch a movie on another screen while running this over and over. You only have to get lucky once. Anyway on with my progress report. A few changes had to be made to deal with the frame rate drop and make things a bit easier for testing. First off download the script and AutoHotKey and load it up. Edit the script by adding a line at the very top before the "t::" that says "r::Reload" with no quotations. This will allow you to reload the script while in the game instead of having to alt tab to do it. Now once you have the script edited Save it and load it and have it ready to run. Now right click your desktop, go to Display Settings and change your resolution to its lowest setting. Mine is 800x600 (I normally run at 2560x1440 which means the game runs at that same resolution). This will solve 99% of the frame rate problems. Now run FFIX and get Vivi ready. You should be at the point where he has a ! over his head and it says 0 jumps in the left top corner. Press "t" to start the script, it will immediately pause. Press "ESC" to unpause it and it will run. If Vivi messes up then let him get up and move out. let the script run through the girls text until she says "Sure, Vivi can play" then press "r" to reload the script. This should put you right back at the beginning so you can try again. Now I have yet to get this to work. I have gotten to 969 jumps with it though. There are a few hangups. At 50 jumps and at 320 jumps. The script tends to mess up there alot. I believe this to be an error in the script rather than the game dropping frames though and im unsure how to fix it. See the jump transitions do not start at 20, 50, 200, 300. but at 21, 51, 201, and 301. The script is coded for the previous and not the later I believe. I dont understand the authors code enough to fix it myself but maybe someone else can. Also to note depending on the age of your pc you may have to adjust the "Latency" setting in the script. This is just the wait period between pressing enter for the very first ! to start and Vivi's actual first jump. This will help align all the rest of Vivi's jumps. It really sucks that this is an achievement as while I did it back in 2000 in the initial release I now have to much pain in my hands to be able to consistently press a button for that time length. The highest ive gotten manually is just under 300. And that caused so much pain I couldnt play the rest of the day. So getting this script to work is the only way Ill be able to accomplish this achievement. Anyway I hope this helps progress everyone towards this achievement at least a little bit
  2. My first playthrough and I cannot seem to find a guide that doesnt use videos. I just want an old fashioned text/image guide. I dont want to watch videos and have stuff spoiled. Anyone got one?
  3. Been awhile since I've been around. Life has its obligations. Ive been trying to get a twitch stream going to make some extra money. I need artwork for my stream. Mainly the banner for my profile. Ill be streaming mostly anything Square Enix, ranging from NES all the way to current gen, to give you a theme. Ill be doing other games as well. Ill have a schedule once it gets moving but thats my main thing. The banner is recommended to be 480px high x 800px wide. All credit will be given to you and your name will be on the banner. I can even link to something for you. If I start to get donations I can throw some compensation in as well. Im certainly not expecting anyone to make anything but I dont know many others that can make artwork like the people on here can. As an idea: You know those evolution tshirts where its the hunched caveman that transforms into the businessman. I was thinking a twist on it would be to go from 8bit pixel to current gen. Not sure how hard this would be. Anyway thanks for looking.
  4. I just now saw everyones replies. Havent played since I posted last night. Thanks everyone. One last question. Do i have time to farm some PP to level up?
  5. Im at the point where I just finished collecting the parts to the plane and Im about to head back. Ive just under 3 days left. How far am I from the ending? mission wise? Ive basically been doing all the missions that are offered and collecting all the blueprints and statues I see. Not really doing anything else. Just wondering how my time constraints are.
  6. And ill have to stop subscribing. I just dont have as much free time anymore and its getting hard to balance things things financially. I still support this site for what it does for the gaming community and will be on here just as much as I usually am but I just cant spare the cash right now.
  7. Im looking for skins and heads I dont have. Especially Kawaii Killer and Black Widow for my siren. I have some items I can dupe for you.
  8. Servers are working now. Looking to start a new region if anyone on here picked it up. Could make a X360A city. Game is a freaking blast.
  9. Has already been posted. Try searching. Here's a higher quality video. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMmprA4ngyY]Tomb Raider Endurance Rope Ascender Glitch Temporary Solution. - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Higher quality version I recorded. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMmprA4ngyY]Endurance Rope Ascender Glitch Temporary Solution. - YouTube[/ame]
  11. I freaking hate achievements like this. I missed talking to the Survivors on the boat before going to the ship. I misread it and now Im at the camp before going to the Endurance for Alex and the tools. Now I have to start ALL over just to get this dinky 5 point achievement.
  12. NVM! Freaking hell i hate when i ask a question and then immediately figure it out myself lol. Im in a room with a big bell and small one. I opened the windows and now the wind is blowing the small bell towards the big one. I used the rope arrows to pull the small bell to me and it goes back and hits the bigger one. Nothing happens. Ive tried to jump to the small one before it swings back but nothing. What am I supposed to do?
  13. The Marguerite, My Love achievement still takes awhile if I remember correctly. Ill have to try to jump back on this. I own nearly a hundred 360 games and half of them are part of my backlog. I doubt ill ever get caught up. Im slowly working on a few collectible guides. Next couple days Ill be on Tomb Raider like most people. Been really hard to find time and energy to play games for more than an hour or so. Not sure how Im going to get 55k in less than 5 months.
  14. Id be down for this as well. Always liked the crafting system it had.
  15. Once I finish up these 2 RPG's Im going to comb through the Easy 1000/400/200 list and see what I can get. Im wanting to break my daily/weekly score record on 360voice as well. Going to attempt 5k in a single day. Not sure if I have enough easy games left to do it but we will see.
  16. I picked up Record of Agarest War and Record of Agarest War Zero yesterday. About to start the prior. Gonna be some time put into these two. So thats my big project. What's yours? Got any big completions or a milestone you are working on? Other than these 2 games Im looking to get 200k by my birthday in July. Seems reasonable.
  17. Tried adding you on Live but it just gives me an error. Not sure why. Wanna send me a FR?

  18. Thanks for all the input guys. I really think Im going to go with the Mazda3. Gonna test drive a few different ones in the coming weeks. Ill let ya know how it goes.
  19. Not looking to buy new. A couple Ive seen that I like: Scion xA Mazda 3 Hatchback Ford Focus (newer models) Just looking for input. Plus any additional suggestions. How's the ride? Price on used? Gas Mileage? Well built? (Is it gonna fall apart on me after a few years?) I have a 97 Toyota Corolla right now. Its still got a few years left in it but Im looking to get a new one sooner.
  20. Yea I saw the ones on amazon. Just hoping since the game is shutdown I can find someone or some site that has it for cheap. I simply want it for my collection before it gets really hard to find.
  21. I know the servers have been taken down but Im trying to find a copy for my collection. No stores sell it anymore. Ive seen it on amazon and ebay but Im wondering if there is a better place. Anyone have any ideas?
  22. This is a weird idea and im not asking for it to happen but just wanted to put it out there. Basically gamertag auditing would be a website or program that looks at every game you have played and goes through every achievement you have not obtained and reports back a list in order of difficulty/time consumption. When you have over 300 games played and the majority of them not completed, going through them manually can be quite cumbersome. This way you know where to get the fast points in order to up your completion percentage. Anyway just a random idea I had.
  23. Lol. Thanks dude. This game is frustrating. That Planetoid level was pissing me off.

  24. Noticed there are 2 listings for Adera on W8 in the leaderboards. Are there two different versions? I only see one on the marketplace.
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