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  1. I did this very... wierdly. I did this with purewal Memorial, and to celebrate, I got on the roof of the Royal Flush, and I shared 2 bottles of whiskey with her. She is just such a badass, like sandra bullock.
  2. Need 2 TiR Events: Headache and Pounds of Flesh. willing to help with you just about anything for these 2. I am a 14 year old. if this bothers you, don't add me. please have a mic. thanks all!
  3. I only need 2 achievements: From Glu to Mon Dieu and the Achievement that you play online liars dice (Full Game) Without losing a die. Hit me Up and have Mic i'm 14 in case it bothers you Gamertag: Sirfacee
  4. You Know when you've been playing Bully too much when i say "Hopkins Delivers" when my last name isn't Hopkins"
  5. I'm going to have to say Alexia Type 1. While she was easy to beat, that woman had struck a fear in me so fierce i now realized what my true fear was. Yes, she was that bad for me.
  6. Code Veronica: When the camera was underneath the armory, the music scared the living CRAP out of me. My friend passed out. True story.
  7. i have 2 achievements left for boosting: From Glue to Mon Dieu, and Compulsive Liar. I Don't have anyone on my friends list that could help. If you could help, that would be great. Please have mic. Don't add if your bothered by "Squeakers". Thanks Again! Gamertag - Sirfacee
  8. looking for tournament to kill, mic please, it makes things SO much easier. If you don't want to boost with a "Squeaker", don't contact me.
  9. Lookinjg for legion of boom boosters. Respond soon and please have a mic - Sirface
  10. Gamertag: Sirface. I need help with All Poker Achievements, Liars Dice, and Kingpin, as well as all the Grandpix. Message me if you can help me, im also willing to help you! if you have a mic, let me know. if it bothers you that im 14, don't message. Respond soon!
  11. Hit Me Up. Need all Crash Course Campaigns and Sacrifice, ( I Know how to do sacrifice ) i also need expert. i have 100% on left 4 dead 2, I consider myself good. i am 14 (in case it bothers anyone) please have a microphone. thank you!
  12. I'm all up for The Terror Is Reality Acheviments (Namely The TK Favorite) and im also looking for a co-op partner. i will respond rather quickly. please have mic and that you like having real conversations. im 14 in case it will bother anyone. hit me up Gamertag: Sirfacee
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