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  1. I love how a game that may never come out has it's own section on the site But yeah, Bully was a fun game, wouldn't mind a second franchise game
  2. Capcom, why can't you get anything right!? I had problems with every Resident Evil game so far...
  3. Funny thing is: I only had freezes and infinite blackscreens when doing missions in Los Santos. After the story put me to Whetstone/ San Fierro throughout all the missions in Las Venturas, I had no single freeze. Things went bad again once I returned to Los Santos somehow... Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I was just lucky^^
  4. Well, I have to say that the first one was indeed "boring" after a few hours as you always do the same on every mission. But compared to the other Assassin's Creed games the first one is by far the worst. I know so many game series that have no kind of evolution throughout their games, where you don't see any major changes or fixes, making all of their games just feel like the first one all over again (or even some steps back like I felt in Borderlands 2 where all the great wasteland atmosphere was completely gone for me and I could not get back into this franchise "universe" as much as I wanted to). But if there's one thing Assassin's Creed did throughout the series, it's evolving. If you've hated the first one, you will most likely LOVE the other AC games, trust me.
  5. Thanks for all the replies and the gigantic rush, but you can stop posting now guys. I received a Unicorn car in Forza 4 from a Turn10 Member, so I don't need help here anymore. And again, thx for all the replies and the effort, much appreciated. Always nice to see how people love to help out others in need. (/sarcasm)
  6. Greetings people, I have a problem and I hope somebody out there can help me to solve it. I am looking for a specific car (1 out of 5) in Forza 4 to get the "Unicorn Hunter" achievement there. Yes, an achievement in Forza 4. If you wonder how this is related to Forza 3, here's the Story: In Forza 4, there are a number of cars which have a status called "unicorn" (very rare cars). As it is possible to import a savegame from Forza 3, there are 5 cars from Forza 3 which will receive the unicorn status in Forza 4: - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe - 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A - 2006 Subaru Impreza S204 - 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia (VIP Car Pack) - 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (VIP Car Pack) Actually I would just get myself the car pack from the marketplace, but unfortunately it has been removed by Turn10. So I definitely need somebody to help me here. Don't worry, I can of course pay you for the help as I have 10 Mil. Credits in Forza 3. Help would be much appreciated cheers L!nc0ln
  7. yes, because the dlc's where released after the actual game. If you want to kepp it chronological, you should first finish BL2.
  8. Well, I don't have too many probems with that. I still have way too many unplayed games^^
  9. any help here would be appreciated! I'm having the same problem as Seraph Metatron, I've completed a few missions with a co-op buddy and neither of us got knocked out (as the achievement is saying, we were hit by blasters and melee attacks a few times, but no knocked out), but it didn't unlock. So, to those who had more luck than I had: 1. Do you really have to play this in co-op to obtain the achievement? 2. Could it be that the achievement description is a little misleading (or even that the achievement itself is glitched)? I was wondering if you have to start and finish a mission while both players are logged in correctly (sometimes we were recognized as Guest and Guest2), maybe that ruined the achievement, but we can only speculate here. can anyone solve the mistery? Been a while since Seraph Metatron asked this question, but the problem still exists.
  10. I gave away my Coop virginity and would appreciate if someone could help me with Professor Portal. GT: Guitar LInc0ln edit: DONE!
  11. Is there anyone who'd kindly help me with the "Six Degrees of Schafer" Achievement? Would really appreciate it and leave positive feedback. GT: Guitar LInc0ln thx in advance.
  12. 2 1/2 hours........god that was frustrating. And a fw days later when I played Jackpots again I had 2 "four of a kind" within 30 minutes. I hate these random luck-based achievements...
  13. Whoever still needs to do this achievement: Please count me in.
  14. k, a little update: yes, I still help out with this achievement (if ppl want/need the help), but pls: I NEVER watch inside this thread if there are any replies/requests for help. Haven't been here since my last post in September. If you (you in general) need help, send me a message on XBox LIVE or add me as a friend there and don't post here. There's a reason why I clearly mentioned this in my first post. YOU want the help, so message/add ME (not the other way round). If YOU want help, it's not my f*cking job to add you, you know? And afterwards a "thanks" in form of a positive rep is much appreciated. I've helped about 40 ppl so far, no problems yet (beside that for some reason my rep is broken even though I have been preferred +35 times and my rep is 100% pos / 0% neg, but that's a different story^^)...
  15. I'm from Europe and hope to find a few ppl who are still playing TIR to get the damn TK's Favorite Achievement. Just msg me or add me as a friend so we can find times to play and get it done I am missing: - Ramsterball - Zombini - Headache - Ball Buster - Pounds of Flesh - Master Shafter - Bounty Hunter - Stand up Zomedy - Slicycles ok, I'm finally done Still good luck to everyone out there who hasn't made it yet, just don't give up
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