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  1. Congratulations on your promotion Puppys
  2. :fire: How's it goin' dog?
  3. If anyone wants to add me on Xbox, my gamertag is : Git

  4. Hey TPP long time no speak, hope you and your family are well during lockdown. I noticed I am missing loads of Awards on my profile, how do I go about getting those corrected please? (10+ years, Xbox Ambassador etc)

  5. Hope you're well man

  6. Yup got confirmation from their head Mike Bendel. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7284/9529648066_54a176cf56_o.jpg
  7. Exophase also posted the secret achievements, can anyone confirm or deny these? Source http://www.exophase.com/game/gta-v-xbox/achievements/ They appear to correlate with the secret achievement images posted here.
  8. I take it the first 11 images are the secret achievements? (Did you inadvertently post those?) I feel I know something I shouldn't now.. http://i.imgur.com/06RP6SE.png I wonder who the RIP is for. And I'm guessing the mask ones are the 5 main heists in the storyline that we heard about. Also looks like we have confirmation of a map shape.
  9. Not long to go now BAR4D! #GTAV

  10. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3809/9527166322_504c5ecf42_o.jpg Thanks guys! You're the best! congrats on getting first on this Hope you don't mind me linking this at GTAForums, I credited x360a in the opening sentence. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=573752&st=0
  11. GEE WILLAKERS DEADLY DOG! Thank-you :)

    It's been a long time but glad we got it up for everyone in the end!

    Thanks a bunch!


  12. Nice thread. Its a real shame how worked up some of you are getting because some great games didn't include a worthless virtual number along with them. Achievements are just fun, yes, that's why we are here, but hell, just enjoy what you can. You are missing out on some great development just because it doesn't have 'LIVE' branded on it. Its sad this is how some people are deciding to buy games now and you wonder why certain franchises are dying.
  13. I had to get the Windows 8 Store version. Be warned the Windows Phone 7 release does not have achievements -_-
  14. Cover looks boring, looks more like a poster than a box art. This game is just going more and more downhill for me, I don't care what reviews here have said. GOTY 2013? What an absolute joke. GTA V will easily take that crown and will probably sell 5-10x the amount of copies that Bioshock: Infinite Wait will. Seriously I cancelled my preorder 6 months ago because this felt like it was turning into the next Duke Nukem Forever. So many features have been changed and removed I'm not even sure if it'll be the same game I wanted to play 3 years ago... People are really hoping too hard this will live up to the expectations of the original.
  15. Had all apart from this for weeks now, thanks.
  16. What is this? A Halo 2 Remake? Did I dream buying & playing through the remake of Halo 2 on PC with LIVE Achievements? http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2007/05/halo2_vista_425px.jpg It had better graphics, sound, multiplayer, map editor + more new stuff...surely that counts as a remake right? Would they really do it again just for the consoles? Isn't it better to move forward? I think Halo CE only got an anniversary because it was the first game in the series and made Halo what it is today.
  17. 1. NO SPECIALIZATION CODES FOR EVERYONE?...(When is Europe getting them?) 2. DMR & Boltshot = YOU WIN
  18. Spring can't come soon enough can it? haha! I'm holding out for a Special Edition, they're bound to do one.

  19. Sup BAR4D, always good to see other GTA fans :) Are you as excited as me for V? :p

  20. I got the Target Dog etc etc on my US account but it's pretty damn useless as that tag is just a dummy. We can't use the items on different region accounts and the 2 controller trick doesn't work for 98% of the ads. I hope UK/Europe sees as many freebies as the US in future. It's a little disappointing when a lot of these companies trade worldwide!
  21. It was out of interest as to how they research into GS hacking. Surely using hacked games on a hacked device is a breach of the ToS and warrants Microsoft to look into it? I have seen GS resets in the past and think since the games were obtained illegitimately there is a good case that the score wasn't obtained legitimately as the games were not all owned and purchased by the gamertag (if that makes sense) ?
  22. Crash Time 4: The Syndicate http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=297506 I finished this guide nearly 2 years ago now and it still isn't on the main site
  23. That's total BS. It is either just a screenshot or you have hacked firmwire. There is no 'legit' way to purchase Nokia games on a HTC handset. I have a good mind to submit all the evidence gathered here along with your GT to Gamertag Investigations. If you are going to come here bragging you have every single WP game then the least you could do is answer peoples questions. At the moment it looks pretty obvious, to anyone with tech knowledge, that there is some form of modifications that have gone on here.
  24. Couldnt redeem much but found a few gems hidden in the thread good job everyone that contributed so far I had the FF Chocobo from Twitter and deleted the email by mistake which I kicked myself for as they made the price stupid so people didn't buy it. There have been some more freebies not listed here such as a football tshirt, windows phone 7, bungie tshirt, but I'm guessing their links are also all dead now too. I didnt know about Halo and Pizza Hut here in the UK and I love both! wow! If anyone has any codes or knows where to find more, PM me or better message me on Live. Lick always likely to have things to trade
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