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  1. Thank you for the info. I need to go pick this up!
  2. In the first game, the tombs really seemed to be quite short and not too challenging. Where there any improvements made to tombs at all?
  3. GT: Ethereal Reaver Looking to boost the character vs character achievements. Should only take 2 matches. Thank you all!
  4. If you are still around or still have this game, I am interested in finishing it. (finally) GT: Ethereal Reaver Send me a message please. Thank you!
  5. Hey there, if anyone is still out there on this game, I am in need of the last achievement of getting to niob. If anyone would care to host a game, message me please on here or on LIVE. Let me know what level I need to be and I will make it happen. GT: Ethereal Reaver Thank you.
  6. Hey there! I know this post was 6 months ago, but if you still doing this, here you go! GT: Ethereal Reaver Pawn: Etheria Thank you!
  7. The last mission in the Echo Six Expansion Pack 1 is "Nothing is as it Seems." When selecting the level, a message pops up that says, "Additional Downloadable Content is Required to Proceed." I select OK and it lets me into the game. A little ways into the mission there is a cut scene where you run into Clair. As soon as the scene is over, the game freezes. Same place every time. Here is what I have tried to do so far to correct this issue: -Delete and re-download the dlc -Delete and recover my gamertag -Uninstall and re-install the disc -Clear Cache -Download dlc onto my other xbox360 and try again -Transfer profile to flash drive Does ANYONE have any ideas I can try to fix this issue????
  8. I'm level 91 and have been aiding in the killing of him for days.
  9. Hey guys, I'm in search of a set of Abyssal Armor to distribute. Is there anymore out there who can help me out? I need a starting set.
  10. GT: Ethereal Reaver Pawn: Etheria Level: 89 Vocation: Ranger Thank you very much!!!!
  11. My first play through I used a Rouge using bow and arrow abilities. Worked out really well. Didn't really run into any problems along the way and it was nice not having to switch between characters to open Locked chests as well. The warrior as been A LOT of fun so far. Even more so after I re-spect him to the link above.
  12. There were other aspects of the game that really felt rushed to me as well including: Them using the same maps over and over again but making out go through them backwards or just sectioning off a different section with a stone wall. I can't even count the amount of times I went through the Blooming Rose map. I don't know if this annoyed anyone else as much as it did me, but, there are sooooo many things they could have refined or made better. High hopes for #III.
  13. Just wondering if anyone out there has put together what they think is the Ultimate Warrior build. Please list Abilities used including passive!
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