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  1. Hello there. I have a wreckateer issue.


    So I got issue hopefully someone can help with, approximately 8 levels to all gold and required values to gold jumped...


    8-2 is listed 375k, mine is 525k

    8-4 is listed 550k, mine is 700k

    10-5 listed 750k, mine is 1 million



  2. I'm just thankful we don't have to boost "X" amount of game modes and weapons for medals.
  3. What's the best way to grind bits?
  4. How many controllers do you have? If you have two, put (2) Insane bots on one team and (1) on the AFK team.
  5. THE PILLAR OF AUTUMN 00:08:46 HALO 00:18:41 THE TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION 00:27:26 THE SILENT CARTOGRAPHER 00:10:26 ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM 00:10:48 343 GUILTY SPARK 00:07:59 THE LIBRARY 00:19:43 TWO BETRAYALS 00:28:47 KEYES 00:20:01 THE MAW 00:12:40 For those who are having trouble doing the Shield Bump on KEYES, I didn't bother doing it and I still got the achievement.
  6. Easiest levels: Uplift Reserve NMPD HQ Kikowani Station Hardest levels: Kizingo Boulevard ONI Alpha Site
  7. I had the same issue and I figured it out by having the outer light on the left and right side touch the door frame of my viewing perspective.
  8. It's not possible to do the despawn trick in co-op, only single player.
  9. Worms: Battlegrounds minus the unobtainable This game is super easy to get achievements and I'm surprised the ratio is so high for this game.
  10. Well you can easily catch the livestream on bonnaroo.com (same site they've used for streams in the past). BLAM (Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Megathon) in February is worth watching and kicks off the hype. I never went in the Xbox tent at Bonnaroo but it was neat that they had Xbox Ones to play around with and MS reps passing out Xbox-branded chachkes.
  11. Yeah, I tweeted Bonnaroo and they replied saying the app was taken down. No word on it coming back up in Feb though. So if you didn't get all of the achievements in the app, you're out of luck.
  12. Tried to boot this app up to see some artist highlights but it keeps quitting automatically. Can anyone confirm this app is dead for now? If so, the achievements are unobtainable. The 2015 lineup announcement won't be until Feb (I already bought my presale ticket).
  13. Also blowing on the Xbox logo on the console is another good trick.
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