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  1. again i ain't perfect to look at all these things.. unlike you.. that thinks your perfect. i made a topic about a collection, i did not make a topic to be disrespected by people that sit their and think they better than anyone else.. this is the truth, was my topic not about the game or was it about being disrespected by Nerds that think their better than everyone else.
  2. accuse me for not being perfect, and a nerd.. that looks at every spelling.
  3. Yes i know xboxa posted about the Trojan and Earl collection coming soon.. and i can't wait for it to come out.. but collection do you think Sega should do next? What about Phantasy Star, Sonic collection of games we do not got such as the game gear game, Spinball, Enternal Champions in their anything else? what other games has more than one game together with it.. Heres my idea of a game.. Enternal Champions, with Vectronman 1 and 2 ENTERNAL CHAMPIONS IS A MUST !! Vectroman is fun and would love for sega to make it happen.
  4. does anyone have a exact list of all PSN games that don't have trophies my cousin has a PS3 and hes wanting to buy just games on PS3 that has trophies he likes the trophies as he likes the challenge in them like we do with achievements. Also why on PSN if a player completes the game retail they get the Platinum Trophy which i heard means the game is complete.
  5. Such as Saint Row 2 never had trophies like Xbox 360 did, a couple of Assassin Creed games didn't Godfather, and a lot of other games on Xbox360 don't on PSN Was it that Sony invented the trophy system later than Microsoft invented their Achievements?
  6. What is your longest winning streak in a game, or your longest kill streak in a game online? Modern Warfare 2 - I once had a 65 kill streak(not boosted) did this believe it or not in Free 4 All, had Savage, Storm and then i got unlucky finally got killed a lot of times on my next map i had which was Rust.. NHL 2k9 - I won if i remember correct when the game came out on my other xbox live id before i decided to get a different i think i had a 14 game winning streak, using no other than my home team Boston Bruins , guess i am just good with them haha, speak of which if anyone has the game and you want to try me with my bruins hit me up on xbox live.
  7. Frogger Hyper Arcade you can add this game as a good buy.. its only 800 msp, Frogger Hyper Arcade Game is basically Classic Frogger, with tons of extra game modes, challenges and twists.. the achievement list 4-6 hours top to get done.. tricky but not very difficult, i have not complete it yet.. but this is what i would estimate for the game.. lots of fun and can be very addicting if your a frogger fan. here is the chevo list if anyone wants to take a look http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/frogger-hyper-arcade/achievements/
  8. Hope no topic about it has been posted yet again !! but has anyone won off of it yet, and what did you win, and how many tries did it take you to finally win? If some doesn't know what it is, its a game in the Sales and Special App.
  9. haha just checked and seen, didn't think of it as a deal of a week, so wasn't sure since it actually a deal of the day.. mods should make a Deal of the Day pinned thread.. would be cool.
  10. I didn't see it posted, but if you go to Sales and Specials, in the middle tab, you will see Battlefield Bad Company on sale just for today.. instead of 19.99 its 9.99 on xbox live games on demand. I don't like them games much, but i thought i would let yall know anyways.. just in case anyone decides to pick it up. Also if some didn't know keep a eye on this area.. seems they been doing this a lot lately, as its like the 3rd game i have seen as of recent, that been cut for the day.
  11. how can i forget minecraft yea if you think about it, it has unlimited, if you have chest around.
  12. Halo i find really boring to me.. never got into the Halo i own 3 of the games, but could never get into them.. and the online play just seems very slow pace, by how your player moves.. Call of Duty i love to play been a fan of the game since i first played which was modern warfare 2, i loved its multiplayer experience its campaign experience due to the face we ain't using less than 10 different guns in the games, such as i felt like when i first played Halo for a little while.. we got more varieties. So Call of Duty all the way for me, due to its nice variety and how you can custom the game.
  13. What game does everyone think has the best inventory out of all games.. I really think Resident Evil 4)PS2, Xbox 360) Elder Scroll games, Xbox 360) and the Borderland games would be the games i would say has the best inventory out of all time games.. that i know.. but would love to hear more in this topic, also Mario Brothers 3 had that nice inventory. Inventory is something i love seeing in games, so this is why i decided to make a topic bout it
  14. Well i will be in Alabama in the very far country part in Montgomery, so that will be my only option for internet lol.
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