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  1. GT : XenoNick Looking to get Horde done on all launch maps and Horde in General. Aint't played a lot. Only got a scout leveled up to 7.
  2. Looking to do anything Horde related. GT: XenoNick (UK Player)
  3. GT is XenoNick. Up for Horde and boosting ribbons. Have mic and 2nd controller.
  4. If any UK players wanna get some raiding going hit me up. GT is XenoNick (Message me letting me know you're from here) =]
  5. On the Xbox 360 looking for peeps to play with. On most evenings (GMT) GT is XenoNick
  6. Looking to boost Pull Pull Harder I shot them all GT is XenoNick. =]
  7. I assume this game has died out but if anyone wants to work on the online achievements hit me up GT:XenoNick (GMT)
  8. Looking for help with two of the co-op medals. Kill it with fire and Brick Wall. Will help out on other medals / achievements. GT XenoNick EDIT: Done
  9. Anyone else had this problem? I've been playing for the last hour and a half or so and the game has locked up on me 5 times. Three times during loads. Once during a co-op level and another in the results screen.
  10. Level 41 looking to get Abyss stages done. Hit me up on live. GT: XenoNick
  11. Looking to get the 10 online wins done. Will help out in return.Send me a message. GT XenoNick (GMT) EDIT: Done
  12. 28/30...If only I hadn't had my stuff reset. 2 more weeks left.
  13. Looking to get the online achievements done. Hit me up. GT: XenoNick
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