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  1. Has the AI been improved for this game at all? As i recall the survivors were idiotic at best on the 360.
  2. I bought it used fr gamestop. Could someone else still be some kind of digital owner?
  3. I started up my xbox one this morning and it told me battlefield had installed. I did not purchase it and I do not own a disc is this for real?
  4. Looking at the leaderboards for this game I assume I am not the only one having this problem. The Arrow and Bizzaro dlc checklists are not checking off when I hit submit. Anyine know what the problem is? Any word on when we might see a fix?
  5. Thank you much. Looking forward to it.
  6. so are the results just not yet up?
  7. I have not been able to find anything on the site about achiement awards for the past year. Is it there and I missed it? Is it still coming? This is something I really look forward to every year. I hope it's not gone forever.
  8. I'm looking for someone to boost the some or all of the online stuff for this game. send me a message if you're in gt: mpleeds
  9. I cannot find this ring. If anyone could help me know where exactly to look I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. EDIT: When jumping right off the last falling rocks only double jump (X), (NO ROLL) right away, you have to free fall for a split sec then hit the roll button (B) and your lunge forwards and grab the wall Worked the first time. Thanks.
  11. I have been having some success with the follow method: After completing the normal playthrough go the world map in normal and move to "Taco Barusa." play until you get the the Infested Roadie. Attack him long enough to get the thing to grow out of his back and start throwing worm eggs. Kill the worms but leave the Roadie alone. As long as the Roadie has some health he will keep throwing out baddies. Once in awhile a worm will drop a relic.
  12. Worked the first time. Thank you sooooo much.
  13. nm. There was a tiny little section of Scylla's Grove U hadn't opened up.
  14. where is The Offal Overlook. I think this is the last location I need to find.
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