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  1. Anyone that starts a sentence with "lol" and is against using commas is a troll.
  2. Message and add me on live if you wanna knock out the online achievements. GT: Hammer x360a
  3. Just a question for you all. I bought a Jap console from Play Asia the other day with a bunch of games and then also purchased a few thousand japanese microsoft points. I was planning on buying a few Japanese games on demand through a Japanese gamertag and then just transferring my profile to the Japanese console with a memory stick to play the purchased Japanese Games on Demand. Will this work? I am under the assumption it will, but just want to double check for certain. If this question has already been asked I apologize. I wasn't about to dig through all this pages in this thread. Thanks.
  4. The biggest joke is that the MLB All Star game counts. There is no way in hell a member of a team in last place could potentially affect the implications of the WORLD SERIES!! Having the All Star game decide home field advantage is ridiculous. It should just be used as a marketing event where the current stars, and more importantly players who are close to stardom (McCutchen, Upton, ex.) are showcased to the public viewing baseball audience. Having the game count is a complete load of horse shit.
  5. Works both ways. Americans make fun of Euros and their way of playing sports that are "American" all the time. How often do you hear Americans call European basketball or hockey players "soft" or "finesse" players? It happens all the time. I find however that Americans are far more sensitive to being stereotyped than Europeans are because their is some sort of elitist complex built up inside of them. For instance, how many threads do you see in the NBA 2k12 forum posted by Europeans complaining about how Americans make fun of their lack of knowledge when it comes to basketball? The fact of the matter is all of the major European football leagues DWARF and I mean DWARF the MLS and until that changes (which it never will), American soccer will always be second and thought of as second, if not third class (don't forget about South America) when it comes to football. No different is this than all European basketball leagues are thought of as second class to the NBA. Move on, enjoy your MLS and quit worrying about your perceived intelligence when it comes to soccer.
  6. I enjoyed the voice and the piano. The video way to over the place. It seemed like whoever made it didn't really know what they wanted to do with it.
  7. I'm a New York sports fan (except hockey), and even I must admit what the Boston teams have done this decade is unparalleled. It is simply a remarkable run for their franchises especially consider the lengthy droughts that some of their teams went without winning championships.
  8. Message and send me a friend request on live to knock out these online achievements. Gamertag: Hammer x360a
  9. Anyone that wants to join my team and take a stab at a playoff win send me a message on live. GT: Hammer x360a
  10. Looking to do all of the online achievements. Send me a message and friend request. GT: Hammer x360a
  11. I think Boston was the team to beat until they dealt Perkins. It seems like that trade has really affected that team mentally and on court to a lesser extent. It's likely that they'll be fine once the playoffs roll around, but I really don't think they are the favorites in the NBA or even in the East. I personally like the Bulls and Lakers to meet in the Finals.
  12. I really don't understand why games don't give you credit all the time if your opponent quits.
  13. New survey has been posted today. Get it while it's hot.
  14. I'm in. Make sure if you actually show up if you sign up. GT: Hammer x360a
  15. Exactly right. I am very excited for this game and was interested to see the car list, but in the big picture the racing mechanics, the world, the multiplayer, and the single player elements are the most important.
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