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  1. Hello. I'm looking to do the boys with toys achievement primarily. After that I'd be down to help with some quick ones if that's the case. I'm having a hard time finding people for this game so anybody that is interested please message me on Xbox live. Gt: Bunny07x2
  2. really wanna do expert on this one and the lfd1 also. would be glad to help out with other ones seeing as i still need some more as well. i dont know if the glitch works for expert on either game but please message me if youre interested! gt: Bunny07x2
  3. really wanna do expert on this one and the lfd2 also. would be glad to help out with other ones seeing as i still need some more as well. i dont know if the glitch works for expert on either game but please message me if youre interested! gt: Bunny07x2
  4. i stuck with the first assault rifle you have, and on my friends profile i played 4 games with an average k/d of 3.3 and an average score per minute of 750. it was crazy. its just really accurate i guess, because i don't spray with it. i've been using it all this time. the scar h is pretty deadly too it just kinda sucks that it has a smaller clip. and the t-rex pistol is for pros. one shot head shot lol. i cant wait to unlock some of the deadlier snipers like the jng. im pretty sure some of them will be one shot kills from the chest up. i haven't really touched carbines or smgs or lmgs. just the ak12 i think is what its called and the c- something(the first sniper). i thought there was going to be a p90 but i didnt see it in the smgs. please correct me if im wrong because i love that gun!
  5. I want to punch myself in the face for buying ghosts. Worst CoD ever, by far. CoD died a long time ago.. and now Ghosts are haunting us. Maybe you're just not good at Battlefield if you say you don't like it because Battlefield actually requires skill. It seems like in CoD it's a race to see who gets their sights on you first, because all it takes is a couple bullets to kill you. I rest my case. Go buy Battlefield 4 if you have the chance!
  6. Also looking to do all the mp achievements for this game. I am dedicated, willing, and able whenever I'm not busy. Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to do it because I know I might have trouble finding someone. Please and thanks. GT: Bunny07x2
  7. Looking for people to pair up with and do some achievements! Don't hesitate to add me or message me! I'm really dedicated! Please and thanks! GT: Bunny07x2
  8. Downloading the game as I type and looking for people to play online with for achievements. Specifically the ones that were glitched for most people first. Just in case. Message me or add me if you're interested please and thank you. GT: Bunny07x2
  9. Same here need a bunch of achievements for the DLCs. A lot can be done with just a partner. Message me ASAP please. Gt: Bunny07x2
  10. I'm looking for people to rank up with doing terrorist hunt missions. Hopefully want to get a group so we can dedicate at least a few hours each day maybe. Well message me if you're interested please. Gt: Bunny07x2
  11. Rockstar are such ungrateful bastards. Just let us have some fun. Give us that at least, at least. You made history... Because of who? Us. And now you're taking away..everything. I don't understand this world as it doesn't understand me. I will be doing this glitch. And it'll be in the name of fun.
  12. Hello! I'm hoping to do the vidmaster challenge: annual achievement. Really determined to get it so if you're interested please don't hesitate to send me a message or friend request. I will be on this week/weekend probably everyday and will using most of my time online to get this done. On a side note I am also trying to do the familiar deja vu achievement on ODST which also requires 4 players. Thank you for reading! GT: Bunny07x2 Edit: Halo 3 done! Halo 3:ODST done! Thanks for the help!
  13. Looking for a partner to boost with criminal records race. Also maybe boost some platinum medals. Or even rooftop rumble mission if you want. Message me if interested. GT: Bunny07x2
  14. looking to do the race boosting all night too. unless someone is rank 50+ and unlocked the rooftop rumble mission. anyways, please message me if you're interested. GT: Bunny07x2
  15. Can you put a link because I can't find it. Sorry.
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