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  1. Still looking for any news on a Windows 8 release anyone heard anything new on this
  2. Looking to start this game tonight, just looking for a co-op partner or 3 Anyone intrested
  3. Every time i get upto rank 12/14 it closes and then when i play again it has gone back to rank 1. anyone know whats wrong
  4. That is no fun, best if people stick to the rules and be generally respectful for people who don't have the game yet. That way people who like to peek at the end get the chance to do so and talk about it. and the rest can be surprised when they find out themselves
  5. Technical it not 150% of the audience just 87.5% of the audience 50% of 100 is 50 50% of 50 is 25 50% of the remaining 25 is 12.5 so only 12.5% left of the audience. That sucks
  6. Im wondering if the hammer got assassinations moves like the plasma sword does.
  7. Was it in revelations that in the animus you heard that she had been buried, outside the site where desmond did the stabbie thing to her
  8. Just something that came to mind. As the Spartan 4 Program was consisting of Former Spartans and Adult Volunteers from Other branches of the forces would if be plausible to see Buck as a Spartan 4. He does have 25 years of Experience in combat from the beginning of the covenant war right to the end. In my eyes he would be the perfect candidate
  9. Can't hurt i guess. and she is a good follower to have, and you would be stuck with her
  10. i'm a solider with a quick tip max out the incendiary ammo with squad mate 50% effect and the last lvl to have ammo that can deal 343 damage potential every hit. Now if you have the Ashes DLC use this ammo type with the particle rifle, takes enemies down like a knife thorough butter
  11. Will there be any problems playing the game a day early as EA seems to be enforcing this release day stuff.
  12. No option C Just shoot the damn holo
  13. One reporter down, two more to go, one with a punch to the face and one to the vaccum of space
  14. http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=309 saw this and thought it seem to match the topic
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