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  1. I know we're getting the disc version at some point this year: https://www.ebgames.com.au/any/any?q=The%20Walking%20Dead%3A%20A%20Telltale%20Games%20Series Don't know about the marketplace though. Time will tell I guess.
  2. Added the GTA V one to the list, it's awesome. Speaking of awesome, that Dead Space 3 one is looking pretty good! Keep up the good work Lumabizz!
  3. I like the awardables list. Has that always been around or is that new too?
  4. The Gunstringer has two unlockable gamer pictures. This one: http://image.xboxlive.com/global/t.4d5309df/tile/0/2000d is for simply starting the full game (not the demo) And this one: http://image.xboxlive.com/global/t.4d5309df/tile/0/2000e is unlocked by starting a level with the Rooster Teeth commentary track enabled. Hope this helps.
  5. According to several websites: Source: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=99323
  6. Caddy


    I've had both Kangaroo and Wallaby. I can't stand the taste of Kangaroo, but I didn't mind Wallaby mince. We usually had it with Spaghetti. Funny story, I didn't find out I was having Wallaby mince every time we had spaghetti until 2 years later. I got tricked into eating it for two years.
  7. Oh wow. Yeah yesterday they wern't working at all. Thanks for that. I'll add it back.
  8. I have just updated the first post including LNG SANDMAN'S findings and Lumabizz's gamercards. Thank you both! I have had to get rid of a couple of links due to their websites being "shut down" (Console Addicted, djekldev.co.uk + xboxgamertag.com)
  9. I've added your site/designs to the first post. Really like your designs thus far. Keep it up
  10. Ah good to know for the future. Thanks Buzz.
  11. @ Skilled: Yes I've heard that's the max. @ EmporerDragon: I don't really plan on installing games. @ iBuzz7S: Yep another Aussie I do plan on buying a 250GB HD in the near future (maybe couple of months) and thanks for that website! Yeah I missed out when JB Hi Fi had one for $199. But ah well. The one I'm looking at is $248 at Harvey Norman (comes with some 2011 World Cup Rugby game) I also saw on that OzGameShop that they had Mass Effect 3 for $44.99. Tell me, are they imported? @ ChickinOnaChain: I don't plan on getting a 250GB Console later on. I mean buying a 250GB Hard Drive to install on the 4GB eventually.
  12. Hey guys. Thanks for the positive feedback on this thread. Appreciate it. I haven't been here for about 5 months due to not having an Xbox (long story) but within the next couple of days I will re-do the first post as I see some new designs have been posted here and some old gamercards seem to not be in working order for some reason (lusogamer.com/gamercards.co etc.) So once again, thanks and I shall update very shortly.
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