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  1. Looking to get the I'm All That achievement in Tomb Raider for xbox 360. I'm also willing to help with other achievements. Send me a Message/FR on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  2. Looking to get the Anarchy Master and Team Player achievements. Send me a Message/FR on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  3. Looking to get the Opportunist achievement. Send me a message/FR on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  4. Looking to get the co-op achievements. I'm online most days. Message/FR on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  5. I'm looking to do the ball buster mini golf achievements as it's pretty much dead online. Message me on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  6. Looking to boost "It's the Final Showd0wn." Message me on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  7. Looking to get 'Party Hearty' in coop score attack. Message me on xbox live. GT - Outlander Henri
  8. Looking to do all of the endurance co-op achievements. Message me on Xbox live if interested. Gt - Outlander Henri
  9. Looking to complete a mission with a friend. Message/FR me. GT = Outlander Henri
  10. Looking to do all chaos squad achievements including the dlc ones. Hmu on live. Gt - Henri8162
  11. Looking to do the coop achievements. Message me. Gt - Henri8162
  12. Looking to do the 'changing lanes' achievement. GT = Henri8162
  13. Thanks to CHIZNAL for the help with those two achievements. Xbox Live wasn't letting me send any messages for whatever reason. So, thanks again.
  14. Looking to boost the Medic! and Heaven Can Wait (DLC) achievements. Send me a FR/message. GT = Henri8162
  15. Looking to get Hit Me Baby One More Time, Lord of the Pings, and Bird of Prey. GT = Henri8162
  16. Just shared a convoy, chest, and whale which were shared with me. Their coordinates are (669,291), (750,629), and (877,654) respectively.
  17. Just got Midnight's whale and convoy and shared them myself. Just need a chest now.
  18. Currently looking for a royal convoy and social chest. Feel free to add me.
  19. Looking to finish up the DLC achievements. The dlc playlists are DEAD. I'm usually online after 9 pm (eastern u.s.). Send a FR/message.
  20. So I don't know if this is still an issue for people or not, but I think the reason behind the game completion achievements not unlocking is based on the AI taking over after 30 seconds of inactivity; even during the lengthy discussion after defeating the final boss. After two of them didn't unlock this occured to me and I made sure to take part in the conversation and just generally move the joystick around, especially when the youth begins to vanish and I didn't have any further problems. Of course, I also cleared my cache before attempting again so who knows. lol
  21. No longer need any of the character specific or 4-player achievements but I'm willing to help out anyone that needs them (I have level 19 and endgame saves as Lucas). Also, if anyone has a hardcore save at the final boss I'd be grateful for the help as that's the last one I need. Send me a message and FR. GT = Henri8162
  22. I'm lookin for someone to run thru the campaign in coop for A Friend Indeed. Send me a message/FR. GT= Henri8162
  23. I'm lookin to trade the character specific and 4-player achievements. I'm playing as Lucas and have saves before lvl 20 and at the end of the game. Also, if someone with a save at the end on Hardcore would be willing to help me out I'd be immensely grateful (I really don't wanna play thru again ). Send me a FR/message. GT = Henri8162
  24. I'm lookin to get all the coop achievements. Send me a FR/message. GT = Henri8162
  25. I'm up for xp boosting during the double xp weekend. Think I'm level 30 something but I'll stick around till everyone gets it. GT = Henri8162
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