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  1. I brought this on release day and as a huge fan of the series (PC through to 360) must say it's well worth the £30. I played Xcom:EU to death when it came out and have been anticipating Xcom:EW for a few months now. It offers so much more that just simply improves the experience. They have made slight changes to the physics of the game as well that I have noticed for example you can now reload a save game and get a completely different result from the same course of actions which helps a load when you need to make that killer 60% hit! If your after the gaming experience then I would suggest playing both games, only then will you truly appreciate the work and effort these guys put into the expansion. I only wish other companies take note of how to make additional content! Just my two cents ^^
  2. Loving this game and I wouldn't mind playing 5000 games but why on earth won't they change it so I can play classic and none of this gun game bs. If I made a post on the forum you reckon they would listen? Any way rant over! I doubt ill take the full 100% 5000 games is insane
  3. Looking for some one to do first things first right now
  4. Christ thats slow! I have 75meg line and i find it extremely laggy at times. unless you get someone hosting near you or your host you will find some games unplayable.
  5. I started playing 3 days ago - i used to play CS like 13 years ago on the PC but not played it for a very long time. I actually really enjoyed playing this online, once you get the hang of it - just play vs bots for a bit and learn how to use the weapons correctly and its well fun. The only gripe I do have is the lag...
  6. for some reason i only get 45 secs of the video! and on a side note why the t-bagging! its so noobish... In my opinion the scout head shot kills are nice - no point with AWP kills unless you take 3 or more guys out in a row as its a one shot one kill kind of gun. I would like to see some other weapons as well - maybe a decent pistol round or single shot headshots with AK - not a bad start though!
  7. 4x kills would be sooo much more exciting for me haha ah well only another 30k kills left -.-
  8. go into dock and move all the way to the left on the dock screen. You will find town information including defense rating, population, and the economical status of the town. once it gets to around 80% its prosperous. Beware it can drop over a period of time. Best thing I found was to sell as many goods as possible to get all bars green. takes time and will cost you but the status will gradually increase. If you need any more information the game manual is brilliant and explains all.
  9. Any one the wiser for the DLC release dates for the xbox? Many Thanks
  10. An hour a day keeps the grind at bay..... Biggest pain is changing my disc drive ^^
  11. Luckly i had two captains with 5 on everything and 0 on one. I had to buy 5 skills for boarding in the end, was a ball ache but got the cheevo. Side note anyone buy dlc yet?
  12. I have the same problem any ideas?
  13. I'm trying to max out my captain and the last thing I need is patrol but it hasn't moved one bit after being on patrol for months. When I buy a skill it lasts for a couple days them disappears and goes back to one leaving me low on cash and none the wiser:-) any suggestions?
  14. Can't find a flynt boat! Will they respawn eventually? Also on the adventurer mission I already annexed The city before the mission progressed to it, and now the campaign won't continue, any way to fix this? Cheers
  15. God damn last ship i need and i cant find it any where! Does any one know where i can get one?
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