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  1. Yeah, just tried resetting it. Still no progress... Strange.
  2. Have a strange problem. I'm sitting at 18/19 achievements for this game other than DIFFERENT APPROACH, the one for wearing the zombie make up and the riot gear. First time through, I obviously used both costumes as you have to in order to beat the levels. No progress at all in the achievements tab. I deleted all saves (cloud and local) and reinstalled the game. Went back through and again have saves at the farm and at the prison where I can put the two costumes on. Still no progress in the achievement app... Does anyone know a way of fixing this? When you've obviously done the requirement for an achievement and it won't give you any progress? Thanks!
  3. Not sure if anyone still plays this. If you're out there and want to do the ranked matches, just message me: GREGO McGEE. Cool
  4. For me, starting a new game DID NOT add to my previous totals. Also, my leader board number stayed at the previous number of rescues I had at the end of my last game. So to finish, I had to save another 25 and when I passed my previous 16 from my last game, it started going up again... if that makes sense...
  5. I've finished the game with 16 scientists saved and 12 soldiers escorted, but when I tried to start a new game and I saved another 20 or so scientists by replaying missions and advancing further, the achievement never popped. I also noticed my stats on the leader board are frozen at the same 16 and 12 numbers no matter what I do. My missions completed stat also won't increase on the leader board ... I tried restarting, reinstalling and playing on Hardcore, but those stats never go up. Unfortunately I already deleted my finished game... has anyone experienced this or know a fix? The guide here says you can start a new game and those stats will add on but that's definitely not the case. Thanks
  6. Dude... this NEEDS to be the solution at TA.COM... This is SO MUCH BETTER than what they came up with. Can you post? Or I can... THANKS
  7. Anybody want to quickly boost this? Looking to ADD as a friend. I've already completed the tracks via QUICK RACE. Thanks.
  8. Actually played through in one "standing" including credits, making sure I was signed in the whole time and nothing.
  9. Thanks for putting this together so fast, dude. Greatly appreciate the hard work.
  10. And lastly there are sharks that eat monkeys. The End
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