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  1. I'm looking for red dragon for mine ranged hero. Mine aiming skills on controller aren't so good so i can't go past 130 points
  2. Hey do you still need them ? If not i'm looking for somebody who can help me with them as well and "We Can Be Heroes" Gt: GelouPl
  3. Hello i need help with Chicken Suit and Dolls and whatever is impossible to get now Gt: GelouPl
  4. Hello i need help with crawmerax if somebody wants to help msg me gt: GelouPl
  5. Hello i need help with Sacred Land achievement. Msg me even if im offline Gt: GelouPl
  6. Hello i need help with 10 ranked wins achievement and 50 online wins title if anyone can help msg me GT: GelouPl
  7. Ok im tired of doing solo method and this mp. Online now looking for a little boost party to 60 im currently almost 57. Gt: GelouPl
  8. I need only ffa win if someone boosting this now feel free to msg me im currently checking xbox.com offten Gt: GelouPl
  9. If anyone gonna boost ranked free for all win feel free to msg me even when im offline Gt: GelouPl
  10. Backup of profile file after bigger boosting sessions is good idea too
  11. Still looking for Ranked Free for All win. Gt: GelouPl
  12. Ok i've tested i moved my profile file into my pendrive and i got 1 lvl again. After moving it back i had my lvl back so it must be it just do some backups and it will be ok i think.
  13. So it will be that saves, maybe backups will be good think to do sometimes ;d
  14. So our levels etc in multplayer is in our save file ? Someone tested that ? When i move to pendrive or remove it i will be again 1 lvl ?
  15. I have question to ppl who got reset. How much exp do you earn daily ? Maybe they will reset ppl who earn too much exp or sth
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