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  1. Not sure why there is no coop thread. Glad to help anyone needing coop on this. Only 4 mp cheevs, 3 of which can be completed within a few minutes. The 4th can be done with another profile on ur own console for breeding an animal from a friend, but I can send those over if needed. I have 360 and X1 original versions and the new Ultimate Collection.
  2. It has been patched, but there is an issue with the game saving. Not sure if that will ever be fixed.
  3. That was a question lol not a statement
  4. Delete, delete
  5. I'm late to this game. I still need this cheev, but will help others later if needed. Msg me on XBL and I will assist.
  6. I had the same issue I think from playing coop and not doing things in the order the game was meant to be played. On mine I could not get portals, CIDs, murderbots, or the warden to show. I would get full notoriety that sayed at that until it colled down. Only vehicle aliens would show. I went on to play the other missions and near the end the game eventually came around. Coop bugs the game out.
  7. I have been playing with my wife and some are popping for both and some are not. It is super faster doing it in coop because all the collectibles count for both so it cuts the time in half collecting them. I have been saving again and again so I can revert back to my saves if she (host) gets a cheev and I don't. Seems like that is the only true solution.
  8. All achievements 100%. It is simple enough with the text guide provided. There is plenty of time to make the needed choices and the pause option is available while playing so nothing can be missed if ur watching the scenes as they play out.
  9. I just finished the game. After you do all of his quests, return to Hall of Justice and it unlocks during the portal ride.
  10. Chests won't have bricks past around 80 count. I hopped on the brrom and flew around checking the mini map for bricks that will be seen there. Then just dropped in and did the quest for the last 20 or so.
  11. I'm on lvl 18. It's a learning curve for sure if ur not good at it or just learning. The true trick or tip is to work on the upper top tiles first, don't just grab any matching pair. After a few fails, u will see what will causes a locked game and will know what to do or what not to do. Not a fast simple completion, but it is doable.
  12. Very simple fast 950 points, but u must get a bit into the game to for Witch Hammer cheev. I am on Chapter 2 and I still have not found any Fishman Shamans. Not a great game in my eyes, but simple if u play on easy difficulty.
  13. Wondering if easy mode drops the scoring down and makes it easier lol
  14. This is a stupid simple and fast 1000 with the video guide. I did it in about 15 minutes b4 going to work. @$3, it's a nice easy kill!
  15. Fish at night using size 4 hook with at least 15lb line with 18mm boile and u will bag large cat all night on the last lake Presa Del whatever. Not to stray from this great site, but True Achievements has guides on all specimen fish that helps greatly. Odd, tho is the best place for forums tho lol
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