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  1. I can see this went unanswered so if anyone does wanot to know, you can do it on x1 while online. Go to settings, system, time. Change time zone to plus or minus however many hours you need to get the six meal a day times (midnight, 8 am, 10am, midday, 4pm and 6pm) but just check to the left what the current time is stated as. I did this at 4pm and went to a plus 8 hour timezone yet achievement didn't pop, I went back and noticed it had actually gone up 7 hours to 23:15 and not 00:15 as I wanted so I changed it to a different plus 8 hour zone and it popped. I have read you can do this within 20 minutes of the desired hour you need and another report was that as long as the hour you need is in that time, I. E the 8 am one can be done between 8:00 and 8:59. But my advice, play it safe and do it on the hour. Hope this makes sense lol
  2. So i got this as the game with gold and despite what I've read about it, I'm actually enjoying it. Anyway... I've read that alot of people popped the collect them all achievement after just one match because they have played the beta or something, just wondering as the game with gold version is the definitive edition and all the hunters and monsters are already unlocked but i haven't popped the achievement, do you still have to meet the requirements for unlock? Any help would be great. I know the requirements are to get 1 mastery star for each weapon etc per character to unlock the next and so on, anyone else come across this?
  3. Looking to boost the channel changer achievement in a private match today if possible, will be on about 12 midday UK time for about an hour and a half, if no-one can help today I can get on at a prearranged time at a later date, message me on live... Cookman86
  4. I completed payday dlc yesterday but it will only let me put 2 of the achievements as complete on the page. The green tick appears on all of them but when I return only 2 have counted, anyone else had this issue?
  5. Just in case anyone wants to quick it up cheap as chips
  6. Please someone help me sharing collectibles... Cookman86
  7. Please someone buy my vinyl, it's called 'achievement' by Cookman86, I will return the favour
  8. Looking to share, for the 2 cheevos. I have 19 decorations . Can be on anytime tomorrow, message me online Cookman86 Edit...No longer required
  9. Looking to do master difficulty on all original maps, Cookman86
  10. Same here, got disc today went to download 2, asks for a fiver... boo!
  11. So I got the disc today after a delay at Amazon, not played the game but ep 1 and season pass installed but when i go to download ep2 it's charging me. Any ideas anyone?
  12. Looking for someone to let me play as Dom in co-op, just a quick run through on casual, I already did insane, even if you just want to help with a few levels over a few days? I got the achievement for 10 chapters as Dom but I have no idea which they were, does it tell you anywhere?
  13. I'm working on horde mode and getting lvl 100 message me on live Cookman86 Only horde mode achievement I need is level 50 on nowhere, I have done waves 1-17 and 44-50, so it's just the 18-43 gap I need to finish with some help, even if someone just wants to help for 5 waves at a time?
  14. Does gears 2 ever have xp events? Wanting to get to level 100 but it's a hell of a grind, currently at 33
  15. If anyone wants to try the online battle mode, tug of war etc achievements in a private match I can be available from around 9 to 5 tomorrow UK time, gamertag is Cookman86, message me online
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