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    I like to play 360, go to concerts, and sporting events.
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    Xbox 360, Duh

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  1. thought i would start one gotta say while i do like the game, i dont really like any of the masters or their powers they just dont feel as fun as some of the ones in the first game
  2. also found a huge uinderground mine area X -114 Y25 Z-345
  3. using this myself and found another stronghold at X-44 Y60 Z8 has a zombie spawner 2 chest 1 chest 2 iron bars 2 saddles 6 redstone 2 string 2nd chest 6 wheat 1 Saddle and string
  4. looking to boost as much as i can gt BlamelessSoul
  5. the first gear of war bioshock shadowrun (now my favorite game of all time)
  6. thats pretty dam awesome though
  7. need friends for this game gt blamelessSoul
  8. try syncing your internet clock i had this issue as well and that fixed it
  9. battlefield 2 modern combat between the original xbox and 360 i had over 3000 hours of playtime
  10. shadowrun,beautiful katamari, crackdown
  11. Well after around at least 800 times doing it and trying for at least five hours over the last three days i finally got this achievement. By far the hardest thing i have ever done in any game. I thought general Ramm on insane by myself was hard, that was easy compared to this. I have to agree that good flashbang placement is most important. Also dont spend to much time in each area, dont be rambo but you must keep pushing forward. Good luck to all those who still need it. mile high club lol
  12. wonder how that will affect bing rewards i get free microsoft points from searching bing.
  13. that elizabeth from bioshock one is looking rough. i always wanted to get a shadowrun troll tattoo
  14. i only need 7 weapons so id like to get in on this list if i could maybe someone with them could squeeze me in before they pass them on to someone who needs them all
  15. done with the achievement now
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