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  1. Haha, yeah. I know what you mean sort of off topic but what is your opinion of Vettel?
  2. Who would you rate higher out of the two? Personally I would put Fangio in 2nd and Senna in 3rd The fact that Fangio won nearly half of his races in incredible, but i supose you can't really compare them considering the cars and the time period were miles apart.
  3. But they will remember him if they have any interest in the sport. Firstly: Brundle, Jordan and Coulthard are constantly praising him and reminding us of his 'racecraft' and how dominant he is (was) and secondly: All of the drivers on the grid who the modern generation DO listen to will state that Schuey is their idol *example being Vettel - the first person he spoke to after winning this year's title was Shuey, he said that he idolises Schumacher and that he can never come close to his records* So surely you could argue that someone with achievements as MASSIVE a Schumacher, F1 fans will still remember him as the greatest even 100 years from now?
  4. I know :/ i can't see why they aren't able to catch the other top teams now, i seriously hope we will see Schuey and Nico challenging next year - i can see it happening but only if they are provided with the right car. As for his comeback being a bad move, i couldn't disagree more - he still has just as huge a fanbase, masses of respect from the entire F1 community (including other teams and drivers) and the fact that he holds just about every record in F1 history means that he will be remembered as the greatest (or at the very least one of) racing drivers of all time, even if he placed last in every race since is comeback. I remain 10000% certian that a prime schumacher in 2011 would rip apart the competition and would make Vettel's lead look pitiful, and 2011 Schumacher in a red bull would still challenge for the championship.
  5. so out of interest, do you believe that Schumacher would be given number 1 status if he was to re-join Ferrari with Alonso as his team mate? considering how much ferrari worship Schuey, but then again they place Alonso on a pedestal compared to Massa..
  6. The 5 people (famous or not) who have inspired you the most? For me... Lennox Lewis, Stephen Hawking, my grandfather, Michael Schumacher & Michael Phelps.
  7. 1 - Halo 3 (X360) played 2007-2010 2 - Carmageddon (PC) played 1997-2003 3 - Crash Bandicoot (PS1) played 1996-2003 4 - GTA: Sanadreas played 2004-2008 (release of GTA4) 5 - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PS1) played 1998-2003
  8. ambiguous question... In terms of wrestling ability... 1 - The Rock 2 - The Rock 3 - The Rock In terms of personality and fan-fare... 1 - The Rock 2 - The Rock 3 - The Rock
  9. Hey guys, In Schui's return season of 2010 he was predictably outperformed by Nico, however as we can see this season has been arguably a different story - Michael is now just 3 points off Nico now, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he actually beat Nico this year, taking 'best of the rest' However, Nico can also be considered amazing becuase he (until recently) was one of just a few drivers who have reached Q3 every race this year. Taking all of this in to account, who'd you consider the team's number 1 driver? Both have performed exeptionally this season - would you say Nico's consistent qualy and high points scoring would put him as the team's top driver, or would you say that the simple fact that Schui is undisputed greatest driver of all time (figuratively speaking) and the fact that he is such an influencing and respected power in F1 make him the team's numero uno? I look forward to hearing your replies **Remember - the 'number 1 driver' is not always the most successful, for instance Hamilton is most probably McLaren's number 1, but is 5th in the standings compared to his 'lesser' team mate who is in 2nd... of course teams such as Ferrari and RB's number 1 massively outperform their team mate**
  10. Just to let you know, the groups shouldn't 'overlap' It should be - 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-30 and so on rather than 10-15, 15-20, 20-25, 25-30 and so on
  11. Hey guys Just turned my xbox on it began to make a slow "beep beeep beep beeep..." I had never heard it before, and shrugged it off, went to make a cuppa while it was loading up. I came back a few minutes later to see the 'E68' screen with a single red light, I looked it up and it appears to be related to my hard drive I removed the HDD, and it works fine, put the HDD back on... E68... I just want to know if there is any solution. I want to complete the last chapter of gears 3 on insane with a friend today, but i can't now! PLEASE HELP! sponge
  12. Jumper: Griffin's story. Absolutely rancid game! gameplay and graphics are 10 years out of date
  13. i would do, but i don't have those mutators p.s. i will do, sorry - its just pissing me off so much that i forgot to search lol
  14. Hey guys Me and my friend have done the entire campaign up to this bit on insane now, but damn... the amount of times i have heard "Adam! This ends now, accept that your species will die!" takes the piss so much.. Any help? We just can't seem to stay alive.. the Guards kill us so fucking easily and the boss thing just doesn't fucking die... please help, any tips? I looked at wikigames' walkthrough but its shit IMO tah, Sponge
  15. hey guys i am currently doing a co-op season for the last 3 races we have qualified in 100% rain all of the front runners (Vettel, Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Schumacher, Rosberg ect ect) they all use wet tires for the actual race, which is bone dry anyone else get this?
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