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  1. Left it on another 21 hours and checked again - still no reset :-\ not sure how to trigger it, but looks like I'll need to boost it legit and hope they reset while I am doing it
  2. Am trying this right now. Am rank 22 at the minute. Played one game last night (got 3 xboxes) and got 4500 XP about 6:30pm. Backed out to the multiplayer lobby and have left it on overnight and all day today. Will go back in tonight about 8pm and see if the diamonds have reset.
  3. Just need one other person to boost the following 1-on-1 achievements. Spec Warrior (Kill 3 people in a row. (Multiplayer)) Keep Your Friends Close ... (Perform a kill move on a friend. (Multiplayer)) Decorated Veteran (Play 50 games online. (Multiplayer)) Special Warfare Group ONE (Be on the winning team for 10 Team Deathmatch games. (Multiplayer)) One Man Army (Kill 200 enemies. (Multiplayer)) Send me a text message over XBL...
  4. Rent them all through the post, then buy the ones I want to keep. Best way for me :-)
  5. Yep, very short. Technically you could miss 4 achievements, but as long as you kill everyone in the first section, then make sure to use the required weapons for the achievements then there are more than enough enemies to kill.
  6. Rented the game last week so this is perfect timing
  7. Already have the achievement, but LOL at this solution. Love it.
  8. Had a 4Mb game update today which I think has added a menu option for 'Downloadable Content'. Hopefully won't be too long now.
  9. Hey man sent you a friend request if you still want to play red river

  10. Just noticed many of you guys trying to get 1,000,000 points in game for Millionaires' club or 500,000 points in game for a gold medal on Last Stand. Please remember, you only need 666,667 IN GAME points to get millionaires' club if you all extract as you all get 1.5x multiplier. Likewise, you only need 333,334 points IN GAME if you all extract to get gold. To reiterate, if you all extract you only need ... 666,667 IN GAME POINTS to get Millionaires' club. 333,334 IN GAME POINTS to get Gold Medal. Please checkout my guides for Hold the Line and Millionaires' club for more details.
  11. Thanks, I think I missed the explanation either popping out of the room or as I had the sound off. I kinda twirled my arms like a boxer and seemed to work fine. All done now.
  12. Good advice. Got this as rental (no instructions) and must have missed how to do this minigame when playing if it was explained. When in the noodle game - remembering who showed up when is fine, choosing bowls and throwing am OK with, but the stirring bit I was not aware of. I would take a bowl, wait for the noodles to be stirred, them throw it. So you have to stir the noodles? I assume this prepares them quicker? What motion do you use to stir them. Probably a dumb question, but do you just move your hand around as though stirring? I also find the lighting affects successful sensor tracking and can be annoying when the weather outside is broken cloud.
  13. I've posted a guide to Hold the Line. Not as thorough as this one as have not held the role looking out to the west, so feedback welcome: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=319513
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