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  1. WOW! Project Spark for Windows 8 releases next week... 1000 gamerscore over 91 achievements. Pretty awesome!! http://www.trueachievements.com/Project-Spark-Win-8/achievements.htm
  2. I am looking for Pull and Pull Harder, but will be willing to help anyone boost anything or just play for fun. I am on nightly, 10pm to midnight, PST. GT is Foobnum.
  3. http://www.joystiq.com/2013/01/16/world-series-of-poker-full-house-pro-coming-to-xbla-windows-8/ World Series of Poker: Full House Pro is coming to Win 8 and looks like it will be cross platform with XBLA. Free to play as well!
  4. I will be on tonight after 10pm pacific as well as through the weekend if anyone wants someone to boost with. GT: Foobnum
  5. I didn’t really do anything, ran the update out of the store, opened up the game. It had a message telling me I needed to log into Live which I did and my achievements just started popping up on screen
  6. I can confirm. Grabbed it when it was free a couple weeks ago, played a bit and unlocked some achievements then, but nothing updated to Live. Just now I ran the update and logged it, it prompted me to sign into Live and once I signed in my achievements popped. Checked xbox.com and they have updated there as well. Sweet!!
  7. Thought I would start a thread to update anytime a Windows 8 game goes on sale. Just browsing the store tonight and found Reckless Racing, 4 Elements II Special Edition, and Toy Soldiers Cold War are all 50% off, only $4.99 each instead of the usual $9.99. Not sure how long they are on sale for. Going to pick up Reckless Racing!
  8. I have had my Surface since October 31st and I absolutely love it! I have never had a tablet before, and my laptop runs Windows 8 so RT was not an issue for me. I use it to play movies and shows, listen to music, games, and studying and so far no complaints. Well, maybe the lack of Xbox games to grab achievements with but I know they will come soon. To answer your questions, no problems with my Surface so far. No fading of the logo, always a constant strong wifi, touch cover is great. Speaking of the touch cover I think its an amazing part of the experience. It protects the screen, flips back 270 degrees to become a stand if you have it on your lap, or snaps on and off very easily. No, it does not flip all the way back so if you want to use the Surface in full tablet mode you have to remove it. Ah, thought of another complaint... no great reading apps yet that work for me. I am using Freda right now because I havent liked anything else but I am still waiting for something to come along that works for me. So to wrap it up, love my Surface, no regrets, use it everyday an no major issues so far. Let me know if you have any other questions I can help you out with!
  9. Started this one today on my Surface, quite a fun and addicting game!
  10. I am looking for a rotten egg as well, can someone help me? GT: Foobnum Thanks!
  11. Damn, I wanted Vancouver! All good. How about Pittsburg? Or Nashville? I'll take who ever… GT: foobnum Game is waiting for me at home, I will be on tonight!
  12. Trying to pick up these arena achievements, looking for help! Usually play later in the evenings! Gamertag: Foobnum
  13. I have finished all the SP achievements, now time for the MP ones. Is there anyone who can help me with the coop sessions?
  14. Going to be playing a lot of GOW2, especially during these XP weekends, feel free to add me for boosting the veteran gear and horde achievements! GT: Foobnum
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