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  1. Just an update from me as the game had a patch recently. As far as I can tell, they’ve fixed nothing. That isn’t really surprising though given their history. I’m still missing the ‘15 objectives’ achievement and they’re still failing randomly. Can’t be sure but it also seems like they’ve tweaked the handling model for the worse. However I am using a new pad since i last played so it may just be that. I’ve just completed my 12th Career playthough and I still got fucked over with randomly failing objectives and the usual ‘do 3 training events in 6 weeks’ whilst the game only gives you 1 to do. This isn’t going to get fixed and it’s just complete luck if you get it. After 12 tries and numerous restarts I still haven’t. For my sanity I’m not trying anymore.
  2. Someone’s posted a way to do ‘Race master’ over on PSTrophies but it doesn’t work for me. Suspect it’s because I’ve already beaten the AI on Authentic so the game thinks I already have the achievement. Knowing this dev, I don’t expect it’ll ever get fixed and if it does, it’ll be several months. *edit* follow the Guide exactly as described and it will work. Didn’t work in split screen. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/wrc-8-a/339935-race-master-trophy-guide.html
  3. I don’t know what to tell you. For me it’s a very easy game and has been since WRC5. I’d win a rally by 4-5 minutes on easy and I don’t think I’m that good at it. Are you sure you’ve got the difficulty low?. Other than that, it’s better to drive slow than to keep crashing and getting 9 second penalties.
  4. Race master is now on 0.01% so possibly fixed. I’m suspecting it might be ‘win a rally’ as opposed to ‘win a stage’. I did some experimenting and won a stage a few times on Authentic in Quick play and it didn’t unlock. I also won a stage a few times in Season and it also didn’t unlock. *Edit* Just did it a few times in career too, still not unlocked. My thoughts are now that either the 0.01% is an anomaly and it’s still glitched, or it has to be done on a full stage, not a S.S.S stage, or the description is wrong and you have to win the entire rally. The latest update has completely broken the game though. They’ve destroyed the weather system. It’s rains when it says it’s dry and vice-versa. Sometimes you can restart the race and the weather will go from thunderstorms to bright sunshine. It also now crashes the Xbox A LOT, mines crashed 3 times today so I’m going nowhere near this mess again.
  5. They’re all about the same. Just to let people know, I got the ‘Podium all rallies’ in the end. As with WRC champion, I did it in Season, not career.
  6. I just unlocked WRC Champion. I followed the advice from someone else, I did it in Season and I won all rallies up to and including Turkey, I then quit the last 3 and got the achievement. I suspect one of the last races glitches it. I noticed in career, when I got to the last but one race, all objectives were gone and it said ‘only in WRC’. The mileage tracking started working again for me. I’m close to 2000km so we’ll see if it unlocks. Other than that, 15 objectives in a season is now on 0.01% so someone has unlocked it. As for winning all rallies in career. I can only assume it includes Historic ones too.
  7. I'm using an elite controller. Just a heads up. It seems like they’ve now glitched the Distance travelled Achievement. It no longer tracks and even in stats it hasn’t gone up since the update. I’ve long suspected this dev/publisher of doing these things on purpose in order to slow down trade ins. They know people like to 100% before trading, so deliberately make glitched achievements to stop people selling the game. I say this, because both WRC6 and WRC7 both also had glitched achievements, and in some case, exactly the same ones. WRC Champion springs to mind.
  8. Difficulty level is about the same as the others, no rewinds and 9 second penalties for respawning. The biggest problem for gameplay is the over sensitive steering, Even on -10.
  9. Yes, it’s a mess. Also WRC World Champion doesn’t unlock. It’s almost impossible to get 15 objectives in a season and the Winning all rallies also doesn’t unlock, however it’s possible this includes the historic events. Haven’t tried ‘Win on Authentic’ as it’s currently on 0%. As stated, the game crashes and at one point I thought it had bricked my OneX. It turned off and would not get past the boot splash without turning off. Luckily a 30 minute unplug fixed it. Control sensitivity is ridiculous and without using my elite to soften it, it would be undrivable.
  10. Seems a lot of achievements are not unlocking now. I’ve completed all Heroic actions and got none of the related ones. Also it seems achievement tracking no longer works.
  11. I disagree. This is a Hail Mary for them and it hasn’t worked. There’ll be next gen consoles within 18 months and X will become the Sega Saturn of this gen.
  12. Buyers remorse for me. It’s just not worth the upgrade. The noise it makes, the BS about 4K60 gaming and the fact games are still full of jaggies are just some of the reasons. Seriously considering getting rid and going back to the S.
  13. Mines pretty loud. I don’t believe all these people who say theirs is silent. They either have bad hearing or just aren’t that sensitive to it. Mine is more on a par with the PS4 now for noise levels. Generally it’s quiet, but like the PS4, certain games and scenes send it into a frenzy. F1 2017 is an example, start career and sit in the motor home and the fans go wild. I’m very disappointed in the noise it makes (I’ve had 2,both the same) and am more annoyed at all the reviews that said it was silent. Clearly lies. Such a shame MS have dropped the ball on this, quiet Running was one of Xbox’s biggest selling points for me and that’s now gone.
  14. Looks and sounds amazing. Plays like a COD game. I am getting a lot of frame rate stick and jumping when playing though.
  15. HDR isn’t supported at launch. They say it’ll be added early November along with the OneX update.
  16. Just put another 15 hours into a new career and it’s been wiped again. Joke of game.
  17. Stay away from this game for now. Just had my 40+Hours career wiped out. Seems like it’s a common bug and affects both consoles.
  18. A final nail in the coffin of this game is the latest patch. 1.15 completely wipes your progress, all career races are reset, all hot laps, all settings and all set ups. The Devs response to everyone's complaints? "Oops our bad, deal with it" They can't fix it or rather intend not to fix it. So if you are a masochist like me and still played this POS from time to time, either don't update, or let go and throw it in the bin, where it belongs.
  19. Could take a while as it looks like you have to do every championship 3 times. The 'offline but not in manger mode' championships don't seem to apply to rider career. I just won the moto3 title in that and got nothing.
  20. 1.09 was released with a lot of new tweaks. I personally was gob smacked at how awful this game was on realese and put it away for 3 months. New patch has vastly improved the game. Added right thumbstick gas/brake and a few more control options. Framerate still suffers here and there but is better and AI in career is much easier. Same can't be said in the special events though, still wildly inconsistent and some are ridiculously hard. Worth another try if you still have it.
  21. Nope all good here. Looks amazing. I assume you've adjusted the HDR amount in the games settings? Also try fiddling with Dynamic contrast and see if that helps.
  22. Career races are fairly annoying but doable. The one off events are practically impossible. It's a 100+ hours but no one would make it that far anyway.
  23. Project CARS is awesome compared to this trash. No control options, no leaderboards, cars don't downshift on auto gears and the framerate is laughable. Absolute POS.
  24. Loved COD when it was set in WW2. Enjoyed it when set in Modern times. Absolutely hate the Future setting, it's not COD and never will be.
  25. This game perfectly sums up EA. They should use 'Pay more, get less' as their tagline.
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