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    In University for Accounting, I like to play Drums and watch football when I'm not playing Xbox
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    American Football, Xbox, and Music
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    UPS Warehouse, Enterprise RAC

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  1. You can check what the rewards are in the MOTD and the rewards website I'm pretty sure
  2. The only game that I've played that's worse is probably Beowulf. And I still need 2 achievements because it's glitchy AF
  3. But it's free and has easy achievements, so here we are.
  4. I've mainly been watching Rugby. I'm a new fan of the sport and I've been cheering for USA (where I'm from) and New Zealand
  5. It's a typical model for an MMO, just moving to consoles now. But it makes them money so there not gonna change it
  6. My only thought would be check the in game settings for any discrepancies
  7. Wow. That's crazy impressive I'd lose my mind trying to do that haha. Congrats!
  8. Yeah I'm still getting the same issue. Every other game I have updates just fine I just think since this game has so many it's never going to be able to update on the site which sucks
  9. Really want to max out every halo game... but this might be a deal breaker. Reallllllly don't want to have to re-earn (legit redo everything) every achievement in these games AGAIN plus I hate touch screen controls!
  10. You know what would be great? If I could finish a fucking game without getting disconnected from the server.
  11. Beowulf. The game is a broken piece of trash and the last two achievements I have to get I should have unlocked already but the game is broken and didn't give it to me.
  12. It's bullshit. I've played over 60 campaign missions and I only have ONE campaign completion achievement. I play through the whole rotation and it ALWAYS switches me to the "wrong" team. For example, I'll be militia 3 games in a row, then I get to the mission I need for IMC and it puts me on the other team. Every time. Fuck my fucking live. Yeah, I know, first world problems. I'm just done playing campaign at this point
  13. It might just be the servers are slow because of the holidays, I would just make sure you're internet connection is solid and try again
  14. Sorry if this has been asked before, but: Is there anyway to force the Heist achievements to unlock on the 360 after I earn them on the Xbox One? Basically, I bought the game when it launched, and got 1000gs. Then I bought the Xbox One version and got 1000gs. Then I played both DLCs on Xbox one. I still need to mop up some Heist achievements, but once I do can I just force them to pop somehow on the 360? Without having to re-earn them? Thanks!
  15. Having the same issues. I posted a thread a few weeks ago too. I've tried deleting then rechecking, adding/removing to collection, etc. No matter what I do I get a timeout error and it won't save. Just annoying that the 'my checklist' page is always about 600 achievements and 5900 gamerscore off now :\
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