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  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she gets through it okay. January is always the worst month, every year.
  2. Oh I forgot to mention, I went to Iowa last week to visit dad's family. We went out to the range and shot a couple of guns. I am apparently deadly accurate with a 1911. And am also blind as a bat because I couldn't see the tip of the .30-.30 with safety glasses on.
  3. There are indeed. But Microsoft doesn't have the capital to take either one. And the company has to be willing to sell. Nintendo, for a fact, is not: https://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-letter-failed-attempt-to-buy-nintendo-2021-11 Or... I think anti-monopoly laws only affect merging of companies that would have actual ethical or implicative effects on the market. That's why NVIDIA is running into so much trouble trying to acquire the chipmaker ARM. Conflict of interest I think.
  4. I think the most played game for me is 1300 hours in MCC. 2000 or 3000 plus? You all are nuts
  5. The longest RPGs of decent quality take about 200-300 hours to complete (Witcher 3, RDR2). I wonder what could possibly take 500 hours to complete in a game like Dying Light
  6. Figured that was it. It's a really good feature for the older consoles where hard drives take a while to cold boot, but with SSDs in the newer generation it makes virtually no difference. Technology!
  7. I don't have a Series X but I know from the X1X there was a choice between Energy Saving or Quick Start when shutting down the console. Quick Start wouldn't completely shut down the console - if that setting is on, it might be keeping your box warm. If it isn't enabled... who knows.
  8. Is it plugged in and in a low power state, or completely shut down? The power supply is probably located right where you felt and would still be hot if the system is in a low power state. Or it might be drawing power when it shouldn't and it could die, who knows.
  9. https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-electronics-showcases-monitor-leadership-at-ces-with-versatile-2022-lineup I've been waiting for a 4K 240Hz monitor for literally years. It's finally coming... I expected it with the arrival of DisplayPort 2.0 but I didn't expect Samsung to come out with such a heavy hitter. Only bad thing is I know it's going to cost around $1500
  10. I wouldn't dare invest in it but mining the stuff with my computer has net me a pretty nice $300 so far, so can't argue with a money printer button.
  11. I was actually pissed when I walked into Walmart right after Halloween and started seeing Christmas stuff go up. Christmas should be kept to its own week just like every other holiday. Imagine buying a game on Steam. You "own" that game, but what do you define as "owning" that game? Basically what NFTs are... except they're literally valueless since images are shared instantaneously and everywhere on the internet. It honestly seems like a money laundering scheme to me with how much they're going for.
  12. Hit the nail on the head with Halo's review. The melee and the radar get me the most - that's core Halo gameplay right there! Franchise was made famous off of those and they still muck it up. I was wondering how the Spyro Trilogy was - I only played the DS game and it was fun enough for a kid's game. Good to know it still made you kill your furniture though 😁
  13. Sad thing is he's been looking for months, same as I have. I'm just better at it I know right?? Still looking for one... Oh it already arrived. I just hope your mum's bear and candy arrive safe!
  14. Welp, bought my younger brother an Xbox Series X for Christmas. Hope the bastard likes it.
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