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  1. down to get these online ones done. colindidit is my XBL name. I also will have it for PS4 come Saturday
  2. Anyone on? I'm playing but people keep leaving
  3. Finally got it after a few hours, edited all the defensive backs down and just ran to the end zone and hoping to get lucky, waited til I stood on orange ring to enter reaction time and got it!
  4. Need help with the eashl achievements .. Add me colindidit
  5. TheSe are needed can someone help me? Gamer tag is colindidit I have class til 2 but after that in free
  6. I did that exactly and still can't get it...is there anyone who can do what needs to be done so i can warp lol...
  7. still trying to do speed reader...cant seem to make the jump after the first grenade jump...need help...also need that just happened...will help u get any other achievement within my ability
  8. I will be leaving for dinner soon so i cant do much right now...but add me and ill help u if u need achievements too... gamertage:colindidit
  9. want all the following achievements...i fail by myself and the other i play with is real good but we just cant get them...but the achievements are leave it where it lay look out for the little guys breaking quarantine that just happened speed reader this side up and i would need to do never tell me the odds with someone whos unlocked it because im not done my solo campaign yet but if you can help me get these...add me ...colindidit is my gamertag
  10. need all the co-op achievements...does anyone wanna help? add me colindidit
  11. Does anyone play this anymore? If so can you help me get the band achievements colindidit is my gt
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