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  1. I realize this is a ridiculously old game that no1 plays anymore but I got a buddy & myself looking for a few fellow achievement hunters to finish the online achievements. So if any of you on here have this on your gamercard & want to finish it 1000g it now is your chance. We need at least 2-4 more people to do the online crew races for the online legends achievements, we will help with the other goals required for u to get what u need as well. So if anyone is interested hit me up on my GT-EliteAchievr420
  2. I'm at 95% complete on my save or harvest all LS & I have saved them all. Been to all locations several times & when I hit pause at every location it shows all the LS are taken care of according to the icons. I even cruised around fort frolic hoping it was like the 4th LS glitch in the original game for 360 but no luck. Every other collect/create acheviements have popped no problem for me, any ideas guys?
  3. I play as well, looking to boost player kills. GT-EliteAchievr420
  4. Anyone know if these servers are still up? I try to to go on & it says "cannot connect to EA online servers at this time"
  5. Need to get the coo-op cheevos done asap, I have everything else done & am a skilled player so no need to try tons of times. HMU GT-EliteAchievr420
  6. Looking for a co-op partner. I have all single player & half the co-op done so I know the ropes. Looking to get this done like right now hit me up on my GT-EliteAchievr420
  7. I only have all co-op cheevos left hit me up on XBLA GT-EliteAchievr420, I appear offline alot so just drop me a line & we'll get the missions done.
  8. Looking to do all Co-op challanges asap, hit me up in xbl @ gamertag-EliteAchievr420
  9. Looking to do the easter egg chevo on moon but need some1 who has the rod(I'm told u get it by having some1 with the chevos from shangra-la & call of the dead in ur party) if u have them & want to play to get that chevo hit me up I got another with me already trying for the same GT-EliteAchievr420
  10. Online now just started, looking for any1 who would run through the 5 bosses with me so I can get the cheevos hit me up GT-EliteAchievr420
  11. I cant get my sim to catch on fire for the life of me either, they just stand there and panic and tips?
  12. NICE!!! I never knew Perfect Strangers was in the Chi, let alone half those other great TV shows I've forgotten about So let me rephrase my last post, Chicago doesn't get much love cept for awesome TV shows...hence needing some love on the game side of things so bring on Fallout Chicago lol
  13. I would LOVE to see Chicago, it never gets any screen time in movies or games, save for Dark Knight I guess
  14. HUD-Green Pimp-boy 3 Billion with a white screen(compliments the diamonds)
  15. ...And that little tidbit u just contributed was? Right... I figured he'd have gotten it by now. Anyways, I got it very simply by following the steps given in the Wiki guide for that mission except right after I told Trokie that I freed him(by means of speech check with Big Sal) & that I would place the thermite myself, I went to Mick and Ralph's instead of placing the thermite and told him the Omurtes will deal with him again hence the awesome Pimp-Boy. Also I had confronted Clanden with the Snuff tapes I got outta his safe and told him to leave town b4 i had talked to Big Sal and Trokie. Hope that helps better... Edit: One last thing I can think of that I happen to have done in my playthrough was to get the mission initiated by completing Bye, Bye, Love peacefully with a barter check of 75 when the Omurte thugs confront Carlitos, Jonna & yourself in the alley after sneaking the girls out.
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