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  1. Avengers: Endgame - 8/10 It is better than Infinity War.
  2. Thanks. The second one recently got a patch that supposedly makes the game a lot easier if you're interested in playing it, they're both on game pass too.

  3. Captain Marvel - 2/5 http://flix.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/b1f09_captain-marvel-poster-slice-600x200.jpeg.jpg Imagine being the worst part of your solo film. Ben Mendelsohn and Samuel Jackson carry the whole thing, the cat too. The rest was fine.
  4. Hugo... [spoiler=1] looked so goofy in his robot body. I was very happy to see him die, twice. The look on his face as he descended through the clouds, priceless.
  5. Nice one Necro! Thanks for making Tier 2 just for me
  6. Interesting concept ruined by poor writing and watered down to a cheap gimmick. The family is the biggest problem, supposed to be smart enough to have lasted a good couple hundred days but continue to act dumb in almost every scene. You're shown this at the beginning of the movie. Ultimately this family is not worth caring about. But I continued to watch to see the use of the silence, which did nothing to add to the tension for me, didn't heighten the thrilling or horror aspects. It sets up rules on how these monsters/aliens are supposed to be attracted to noise, but only follows through when convenient. The entire movie is littered with stupidity, and close to 500 days of surviving in this setting, these characters should not act like this. There is also a scene where the boy is learning maths... Completely unwatchable. Clearly I'm in the minority here, as it seems to be universally praised as some sort of masterpiece lol, which is fine, we all have opinions. I just didn't like it, bad writing, direction, execution. Acting was ok I guess... I will update my score. 1/10 One good thing though, towards the end I started to fall asleep during the big climax, and when the movie was over I was ready for bed, slept quite well actually
  7. A Quiet Place 0/100 Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen, complete garbage.
  8. Sounds good to me. Replace Dance Central with Slice Zombies or Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, now that's a nice tier.
  9. For those unaware, Celeste has an assist mode that can give you invincibility and infinite jumps, essentially removing any difficulty to the game. With assist mode on, I think you can get all the achievements in a couple of hours.
  10. It's all good. Dirty came to me first, and I was so full of that Christmas spirit, we decided to redraw jk Congrats Caramel
  11. Top 5, ez Good job Hoebagger for this win, and of course Necro for the trilogy win. Now that the trilogy tournament is over, I can say that QWERTY was my favourite of the three. I liked that there was an objective and a score limit. If there are more tournaments like QWERTY in the future, instead of unlimited scoring with a slight limitation, then I'll most likely sign up and properly compete.
  12. Just got my third point... Those who are keeping their fingers crossed for that random draw, you betta uncross those fingers. It's mine
  13. Bodied - 1/10 I've been looking forward to this for a while. Thought it was going to be a movie about rap battles. Turns out it's actually a satire about social commentary and people being easily offended, it felt really forced and wasn't that funny. The rap battle stuff was ok. Disappointing overall.
  14. Western Press Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ACA NEOGEO MAGICIAN LORD On a Roll 3D Points: 4
  15. I knew action would be picked. Well, fingers crossed for that random draw then
  16. This is pretty much The Man from Nowhere meets The Raid. Simple plot, and almost 2 hours of non stop crazy action. One minor complaint, despite it being an Indonesian film, there's some random English dialogue. The director did the same thing in Headshot where they'll just go from speaking Indonesian to English and then back to Indonesian... It's just weird. But apart from that, it's full of good, well choreographed, violent, bloody action. Easily the best action movie of 2018. It's on Netflix, so, gogogo, enjoy.
  17. Sudden Death containing elements from the three tournaments, that would be fun.
  18. So, let's say Necro decides not to enter the next tournament, and Hoebagger or Watty came in first. What would happen with two people having 20 points on the overall leaderboard? Although it's unlikely, its just a thought I had.
  19. I had a quick look and it seems like there are a couple. The Inner World, Planet Alpha, Pillar. I might've signed up Asemblance to sabotage anyone who planned on using it But I'm glad you decided to compete and remain victorious It was more the idea that I could've preloaded for two weeks, and another competitor could see what I was playing and then play some of the same games and beat me to the spotlight. Even if I changed my privacy settings so no one could see, there was still a chance that I would miss out on a spotlight. That 2 point difference could've been enough to cost me the win To be fair though, you teased at it being max clubs related after the first round, and I figured it would've been completion related. If only I had saved up the past 63 completions for this
  20. Not a fan of the scoring system for this one. Had a look at the games I could've used and it seems like I could've got over 100 points, so if that ends up being a top 3 score, then maybe I should've participated I didn't feel like being competitive so soon after GSL though, so that was another reason I didn't sign up. Maybe the next round
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