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  1. I feel like Run and Gun has a higher advantage for bigger killstreaks than camping does. Run and Gun I can usually get 5-7 kills in a row. Especially if you are playing hardcore and get lucky with a double or triple kill. Camping is too hard to get that many kills and once you kill one guy they know your location. I have found the best way to run and gun is to know the map and keep moving. The more you move the less likely to get picked off by someone just camping themselves.
  2. Do you have an article where it talks about mulitplayer? I really hate when they add multiplayer...takes away from the time they spend on the campaign. But if its something small added like Red Dead Redemption I guess I would be fine. I dont really like multiplayer achievements so thats why I wouldnt want it. However multiplayer could be fun if people could play as other characters and fight gangs of bad guys together...not really sure what other elements they could add to it though
  3. Do you happen to have any Skulls on? I know the Iron skull takes you back to the previous checkpoint when you die. But it may just be a corrupt save file. I read on google other people have had similar problems that you are saying. One guy said that he uninstalled and then reinstalled the disc and it worked for him. Try that ?
  4. This is the same for lots of games...COD campaigns have checkpoints...if you save and quit it restarts you from the previous checkpoint just like Halo. That is why its called a checkpoint...
  5. This game is simply amazing. I am almost at 100% completion (I am at 98.5%)...I have like 4 Bounties still left to collect. This game really is not too hard to get 100% completion. Enough of a variety that it doesnt seem a chore to be getting this achievement. Love this game so much
  6. This is probably true but we can hope right!.... the new Batman game is by a new developer as was the Halo 4 game.....
  7. Never replied back but I decided to go with Cabela's African Safari. It wasn't terrible but it was pretty boring and way too easy. I mean really easy 1000 gamerscore but the music was repetitive and just wasn't that entertaining of a game...... I have heard the Big Game Hunt and the Alaskan one are pretty good...
  8. http://www.joblo.com/movie-news/kevin-conroy-says-christian-bales-batman-voice-isnt-all-his-fault This is a pretty good interview from Kevin Conroy explaining how he feels about Bales voice... pretty funny but does bring a good point as to how did Nolan let this happen? Maybe he didnt realize how ridiculous it sounded after the 1st movie but then it was too late to not include that in the rest... His voice just makes me think of Chris Farley in SNL, "Lay off me, IM STARVING!!"
  9. If you are still having problems, I saw a great video from Trueachievements that showed going to Armadillo and killing all the cops in that town. After that ride out of town and set up a campfire. Place a waypoint east (and above the R on the map for MacFarlanes Ranch) and then waypoint there. Once you show up near MacFarlanes that message showed up for me that the US Marshalls are then after you. Just ride away....
  10. That was pretty funny. I would have lost patience halfway through or I would have lost focus and got hit by the train. Love how the horse gets taken down haha
  11. Yep still up But for how long?? Probably not more than 6 more months...
  12. Yea if installing the disc (or uninstalling and then reinstalling the disc) doesn't work then maybe you are going to have to Restart the mission. Sorry you are having problems!
  13. http://www.tgbuzz.com/archives/4565 found this article recently talking about the sequel. Looks like it will come out in 2014 and will be for the new Xbox which is kidn of a bummer...it was a long shot but i was hoping it would be on this system. I dont wanna get the new system yet!!!
  14. You could also just browse ebay, craigslist, and amazon just trying to find Disc 2, Undead Nightmare. I am sure someone is selling just the one disc.
  15. Not entirely sure what you are asking...but if you buy the Game of the Year Red Dead Redemption, that comes with 2 discs. Disc 1 is just regular Red Dead. Disc 2 is the Undead Nightmare DLC. If you bought the GOTY edition new, it will also come with codes for the other DLCS that are out.
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