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  1. jeez this is a pretty funny thread but to get back on topic i think they should add another 250, to halo 3
  2. danget so you have to play the game 2 times well i might rent it... it still seems kinda easy since there are only 8 achievements
  3. what I was doing was turning on my other xbox and putting him on the other team and just playing so I could get the achievements but really I was doing it by myself
  4. i hope its not days straight then I will never get the achievement lol
  5. lol Idk to me achievements shouldnt ruin a game this proves that people only play for gamerscore and dont get to enjoy the game I know I will be getting this game and getting 1000 in it after a very long period of time
  6. agree with olopower so do that map and its easy
  7. how is it since I heard it will take like a weekend to get the 1000 in this game yay...
  8. ok pants sry about that I forgot I wont do it anymore

  9. Please stop submitting new achievements lists without the xbox.com link!!! I can't do anything with a text list of achievements, especially when you've just copied and pasted them from another website.

  10. that would b retarded if i came out in europe first
  11. k i deleted them

  12. Delete all your Visitor Messages.

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