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  1. And is it a flying comic your missing? if so then this flying comic could possibly be the one your missing as i have helped a few people and they were all missing this one. Just head straight to the top of the 'Oscorp' tower. And you'll see it above you! Peace out!
  2. right so i can replay the side missions to require the collectables to 100% it. When can i replay them, after completion of story or in the apartment mission select? Thanks for the help guys.
  3. i just rearlised there are collectables in the side quests and im currently on the sewer entry one. Am i able to replay it if i miss some? Please dont tell me i have to start another play through. I didnt pick up any collectables in oscorps secret lab neither :/
  4. to confirm, this is the best way (fast and efficient) to get all 8 players to level 50!
  5. just to confirm uninstall mw3 from hard drive and you will be able to play the dlc and have your rank back
  6. same thing is happening to me, and my spec op rank got reset!!! WTF!! Atleast i was lvl 50 before that happened. Im gna try and uninstall from disc.
  7. i dont know how to do it either? :S confused.com
  8. great method, thanks for finding this method out, i will defientley be using it. Thanks Sailor Leroy
  9. is it me or does playing EUROS online seems a bit 'scrappy'. Every game i have played is constant end to end which is really fun but just seems that both sides seem to make crucial miss passes or players getting tumbled up around eachother, i have played around 100 H2H online and never encounted this. But in the EURO online i have played 10 games and this happens around 90% of the time. i dont know if this is just me but let me know what you all think?
  10. Just done this now and to confirm it is NOT infinite zombies in the room just before you leave from city hall on mission 2, i got just under 100 kills and they stopped appearing, just play it safe and go for the last level in the video link above to boost xp
  11. Me and my brother are dping beast and there appears to be different beast characters available, like savage grenadiers with different loadouts like sawned off, cleavers etc... is this permanent? i had no idea that they were adding this in for a event/permanent??
  12. i have enjoyed it quite a lot, and i love fifa and playing street football too!
  13. On Thursday 6th, I would like to boost all multiplayer achievements. Round about 10am GMT (UK time), would like 4 other people! If anyone of you are interested we could give campaign a go aswell on pro difficulty, message me on live GT: iMartin AFC
  14. just need to watch someones uploaded video, and someone whos got friends that play fifa street. i'll return!!!
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