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  1. Last two completions: and Started Evolve in the second week of August and completed it on the first day of September, before the server closure bullshit. Found a group of guys who were doing three + hours a day, pretty much the only game I played for a month. Took me almost three years to complete Tomb Raider. Never realised that in-game achievement tracker said I had unlocked more than I actually had, so I deleted the save from the cloud (and console) and I started unlocking achievements again. Found a good friend from Evolve boosting who was doing TR as well, only felt right to help one another rather than double boxing and getting bored. Next Xbox One completion, I'm gunning for Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  2. :francis: Form a team and join us for XBA's GSL Twist 2018! :francis:
  3. Not necessarily. Just create the topic. When you're done, hit the report button and ask if you can have it pinned. It won't make much of a difference anyway, looking at the F1 2015/16/17 sub-forums there isn't much going on, so your thread won't be missed by anyone looking there.
  4. iBuzz7S

    500 gb

    It's mandatory for all Xbox One games. https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/games/game-setup/install-games
  5. A lot of good shit on sale for the Xbox One. https://www.trueachievements.com/n32164/xbox-one-sale-roundup-april-10th-2018 Not so good for Xbox 360. https://www.trueachievements.com/n32165/xbox-360-sale-roundup-april-10th-2018
  6. Nothing can be done. The account your son uses will remain as a child account until the DOB says he is legally 18. https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/my-account/security/child-account-definition You did mention you changed his DOB and he now in his 30s, but I don't think that matters. Whatever you originally entered is what seems to matter.
  7. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  8. It's been a while for me, but what exactly are you having trouble with? I think the majority of them are self-explanatory.
  9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this game is addictive. I suck at it, but I can't get enough. Also GTA V on the 360. If I can figure out what to do online and pop the achievements ASAP, I will buy it again on the XB1. Game is just too damn good.
  10. Just invest in more studios and do more than the same handful of games. Sony has been killing it with their exclusives. Microsoft on the other hand, they are either killing off their exclusives or sharing it on PC and giving little reason for gamers to buy a console or to continue gaming on one.
  11. They're still accessible, as far as I can tell. I haven't been able to find one single person to join to collect the final Online Orb. When I tried Key to the City, I did join someone's game, but that person was idle. Servers still live? Yes, but unless you are going to play with a friend or a group of people, finding a random online will be really difficult.
  12. Completed Mad Max yesterday. Almost 100 hours but it was worth it. The final few challenges and the one 'missing' scavenging location had me worried about replaying the game, but I came across a few post here and a few elsewhere which helped a lot. Today I am almost done with Forza Horizon. I need to fire up Forza Motorsport 3 (or 4) and create a save, then I can unlock the final achievement and clear that one off the list.
  13. You fucking legend!!! I spent hours trying to get the last 11 kills to complete the challenge and I couldn't get anything to stick. Spent about an hour using your method and I completed it and unlocked the final achievement to go along with it.
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