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  1. I removed my gamertag and redownloaded it, then deleted my previous saves of the game and started over, managed to get 2 achievements but the achievement for finishing chapter 2 didn't open. My guess is that I will have to try again later or they will unlock by themselves or I will clear cache again but at a later time. For now I'm going to bed but I hope tomorrow this will be resolved because I am really enjoying the game so far on survival difficulty.
  2. I have another one on the list who has the game and the achievements show or atleast the game itself shows on his gamertag when comparing. What's funny is that I could see my own percentage when comparing but nothing else!
  3. Anybody know why the game is not registering to my achievement app? It's like I didn't even play the game lol even when i'm currently at chapter 3 now. : /
  4. To anyone who is going after the LASO playlist on legendary in all of the Halo games achievement.. http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/good_luck_morgan_freeman.gif
  5. All you have to do is wait and don't do anything. Equip your tranquilizer and just wait for the helicopter to come by the side of your helicopter close which it will and it'll be easy to shoot the enemy since he's close.
  6. I think for me this is the only major disappointment with the game. Hideo Kojima talked about importing songs and all yet the next gen versions of the game don't even have the option for some reason, anyone know why it isn't available or if they are going to patch it in?
  7. Nah, did them on my own, usually went with reflex on, no kills, no alerts and one or two retries if i messed up during reflex and the alarm triggered. However, once a list of the tapes got online i used that. I was missing 3 tapes.
  8. Got my 1000G finally! Overall, a very fun game. Was not disappointed.
  9. Yes and not only that but at-least (on normal) passing one trial so that it unlocks the second on the list and for hard passing 2 trails so that it unlocks the other 2. However, since all trials on hard are ??? at first, you'd have to complete the level first then you'll unlock 2 trials for that specific level. Play the level agin and finish those in one go and you'll unlock the other 2 without the need of finishing them.
  10. You have to unlock trials on both normal and hard which is why it's stated as all in the achievement description. However, you don't have to do all of them. As long as you have them unlocked and not "???" on both difficulties then you'll get the achievement.
  11. It's the easiest MGS game, that's for sure. I only have the tapes achievement left to get my 1000G.
  12. I know right? but what to do, at-least it's at the back of the disk so that's good.
  13. Take it this way TC, there are season pass's for that price as well as map packs for certain games 15$ - 20$ give or take.
  14. lol it's alright. I made this thread for questions so yeah. Yes i did, i am guessing maybe the covers that have the red sign at the bottom have the reversible artwork but that's just my guess. However, yes, mine came with one and you're also right about EU not having it but here's a HQ version of it! https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t31/1658645_10151937080170986_489741604_o.jpg For those that wanna print, as for my copy, here it is. http://i57.tinypic.com/15g47kw.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/qqajbc.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/104qeq9.jpg
  15. I highly suggest for people to use the night vision goggles, it's a night and day difference in terms of collecting tapes/XOF patches because it makes things way easier to see.
  16. Thanks for that info. No, you can tranquilize and i don't want to say anything more to avoid spoilers but it's 100% to finish it with no alerts not sure about the kills. Yes it can't be missed. The site camp is open and you can get to Chico or Paz first, it's entirely up to you. As for the rescue achievement this video should give you good idea. Fast forward to the 6 minute 16 seconds mark. [ame= ] [/ame] The prisoner will only be available after freeing/extracting chico.
  17. After spending more time with the game i came to know that they are actually 40 and that the challenge is based in real time as in you don't have a time limit, it just takes your record in the time you finished the trial and also the enemies sometimes leave the camp site so the number gets lower. At the same time if an enemy got alerted and called back up the number gets higher. So it's best to do it stealthily and then retrying to the latest checkpoint. Also, yes all of the side missions except the Raiden one and the other side op have the same requirements. However, i noticed for the hard difficulties they are different.
  18. lol i forgot to state that you could always retry to your last checkpoint if the reflex ended (the game checkpoints alot almost every time you go to a new area or rescue prisoners) aside from that well play it in which ever way it suits you! Well i won't say anything but lets just say that it would have had a much bigger impact if that trailer was never shown. Nevertheless the ending in its full entirety is fantastic and other words that i'll refrain from writing down. Yeah, you're right but i was expecting it to be voice acted since this is a much bigger game however, it's just a small thing doesn't ruin the game.
  19. Welcome anytime. Not really, take it this way. If you missed a bullet or two while having reflex on and the reflex ended because i think it only goes on for about 10 seconds. What i suggest is focus on getting the achievement for the specific levels and then going for the S-rank on the other playthroughs. I only have 3 achievements left which are complete all mission on S rank (only 1 mission left), collect all cassette tapes and unlock all trials (trials are going to take the longest and are the most annoying because they are all the same on every level except on hard difficulty the trials are different, what's annoying however is that with each go at a level you can only do 1 trial since the other is " ??? " so you have to do the one before it to unlock the second then you have to do the second to unlock the third.etc so you'll have to play the level from start to finish a couple of times to have all trials unlocked) No complaints except for one so far, i knew what i was getting into and was not disappointed. It's a fantastic game, been playing and exploring since i got it on Sunday. Just be sure to know that the game's main mission and the side missions all take place at the same camp site with changes that i won't say so that i won't spoil. About the complaint is during the missions, i don't know if its a glitch or not but when you choke hold someone and ask for info, the enemy is not voice acted when he tells you that info so i don't know if its a glitch or something that will be patched or if it's like that. It isn't a deal breaker for me that's for sure, just something small that takes you out of the immersion abit but besides that im loving it alot and enjoying it way too much.
  20. I am beginning to think that anything above 50K is an S rank because all of my missions save for just one mission i brought an S at 20K and thats because it's a different type of mission without any spoilers. The rest are all above 50K. Yeah you can still kill but it's better that you don't risk it. So far i enabled reflex on all missions because without it enemies will see you and will be alerted within 1 second basically if an enemy saw you it's an alert, can't do anything about it lol. So, whenever i get alerted which i do even with reflex on because reflex not only slow down the enemies but it slows you down and your bullets as well so if you missed a shot or two then the reflex will finish. In all of my missions except for 1 i retried probably once or twice (reload to latest checkpoint) 1 retry = -300
  21. Yeah, XOF patches and cassette tapes. Cassette tapes from what i know are scattered in all the missions (i got most of them by just rescuing prisoners from both the main mission and side missions) Whereas XOF patches are only for the main mission and just recently today i managed to find all of them (they are pretty tough to find especially 2 in particular that require out of the box thinking) collecting all XOF patches unlocks the bonus side mission (Raiden) XOF patches in total are 9 and cassette tapes are 17.
  22. It still has the arcade style feel of gameplay as in you get a score result after finishing the mission however the cut scenes are seamless with the gameplay and the overall feel of the entire game is just big and expansive. If kojima said TPP is 200 times bigger than i can't wait especially since the stakes in the story this time around is much higher than peacewalker so everything feels elevated. MGS4 wins in the weapons department thanks to having so many weapons however in terms of how you approach things id say GZ is the better one because you have many options on how to approach places or enemies. Lets not forget that GZ is just one main camp site so TTP will easily be better in GZ no doubt about that. Yes the game is banned from streaming before release date, i was thinking about streaming it but as soon as i entered Twitch i got introduced with that warning message on Twitch's site below.
  23. I'd say the gameplay is better than MGS4. As i stated above that everything you do feels satisfying and looks great thanks to the great animation and smoothness of the gameplay itself (60FPS) still haven't dropped in FPS since the day i got it. However, may i ask why you didn't like Peacewalker? so i can answer you with much more detail.
  24. That's allright, no harm done! Yeah, that and probably more enemies on the map (not sure about that though) Hmm, i think they are the same as in Peace Walker however i haven't tried completing a mission with one alert lets say because i always try to go with no alerts, i could have also gained more points if i turned off the Reflex mode too but really without that it would be very time consuming because enemies see you from way afar and you could be seen from any angle so you'll always have to be on your feet. With reflex mode at-least when the enemy sees you and IF he started to become alerted then time slows down for probably 5 - 10 seconds so you'll have a chance of finishing him off before the alert. It isn't a point system because everything you do doesn't give you points as you do it, it's a final score result system lol. I have to guess maybe each kill is minus 200 points. About being over a certain number that, i don't know. What i do know though is rescuing prisoners as well as capturing guards and delivering them to the base gives you lots of points, just look at the picture. You also have to notice that i retried twice, im guessing its minus 300 a try. Basically, retrying is reloading the game to the last checkpoint thankfully the game checkpoints/autosaves alot so retrying helps if you got caught instead of replaying the entire mission it's best if you don't retry as it gives alot of extra points but the option is there. One thing however is that when retrying some enemy position change so not all enemies are at a fixed position. Here is another S rank i did for a side op mission. http://i61.tinypic.com/30hspdv.jpg
  25. So far S ranked the main mission, going for the rest slowly on normal of course (Achievement doesn't specify a difficulty so go with normal) It wasn't as hard as i thought it would be, got it in my second play-through. http://i58.tinypic.com/2hr2zrp.jpg
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