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  1. GT: Valiant Phoenix Game: Monster Hunter: World
  2. How would you rate the difficulty without Mein Leben?
  3. Looking to boost PvP achievements through 1v1 private matches. If you're interested, please message me over Live. My GT is Valiant Phoenix.
  4. More like, do not get detected. That's exactly what it means.
  5. Since it's been almost a month and nobody has posted a guide yet, I figured it's worth sharing the sister site's guide, which can be found at the link: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/mirror-s-edge-catalyst/291111-mirrors-edge-catalyst-trophy-guide-roadmap.html I'm about to start the game and will be following this guide.
  6. Regarding Fire Drill: When attempting it on coop, you CAN die as long as at least one other player is still alive. You'll both get the achievement upon finishing the level.
  7. I used to play it on iOS and I can confirm it's NOT easy. I would imagine it's a 9/10 or even 10/10 in terms of achievement difficulty. Definitely don't bother and save yourself the frustration.
  8. I just wanted to ask: As of right now, is it possible to get the full 500g for this expansion? I have everything installed and ready to play, but I realize several achievements are glitched and am therefore apprehensive about starting before the next patch is out. EDIT: I see some of you have completed it so I guess that answers my question. Still kinda not sure, but I'm starting soon regardless of whether the patch is out.
  9. I'd give it a 6/10. Also, the 10-12 hour estimate should be ~20. I'm at 25 hours and still not done.
  10. Trick Shot doesn't appear to count if you use a bow, only a firearm.
  11. Witcher 2 is absolutely worth checking out. It may not be as accessible as the third, but it's worth it nonetheless.
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