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  1. I and thou isnt unlocking for me and Im unsure why.. Ive checked up the I and thou ending on youtube and its super similar to the same ending im getting?
  2. Anyone else have the santa text collectibles glitch on them? Ive got them all but no pop? Ive gone and replayed them And nothing!
  3. Anyone got any tips for the tank mayhem challenges? Seems abit of a struggle to get around and blow enough people up in time.
  4. Same thing happening to me... Super annoying! Especially when its such a good game. Edit: Its literally not allowing me to load the game now
  5. Yeah its one that seems daunting but you're absolutely correct in that learning the game as well as you can, you'll get it. Ive not attempted yet but its on the to-do list. Segments even on hard mode were seriously frustrating.. Pretty much anything where you're in open space and in the dark Id imagine will be sn absolute ballache. Hopefully that patch comes soon.. For my sanitys sake anyway.
  6. Anyone gone for this yet? Just finished the game and died 104 times on hard mode. I'm gonna go for it but I 'member.. How hard energiser was and this game for those who have played it, is fucking insane! Whose gone for it? And how did you find it?
  7. Ive only played a few hours so far and the best parts of the game really is when they slow it down and you can get lost in the games environment. Its absolutley drenched in atmosphere. I'm not too far into the game to comment on the rest as of yet but its fairly difficult and it has that same problem as the last Outlast in which you didnt know what you were meant to be doing but more that you just have to react, It does tend to get frustrating when in sometimes the best way to do a part is to simply die a bunch of times. Im enjoy it though
  8. Just binge watch speedrun or guide videos.. It is a utter pain in the arse though.. This and 21+
  9. So Chapter 12 already and started this yesterday.. Not fair to compare totally different, I think it took me a week to reach chapter 12 on akumu haha . So incredibly satisfying when you hit that save point though!
  10. Take a gander, looks pretty cool... Before anyone gets alarmed... I have noo idea on how to show this like a video? Also I'm using a smartphone.
  11. Question about the no killing any humans... I blastedone in the face with my fat fucking revolver... I understood from the guide that you can still get the achievement by loading a previous save, Is that right? Or have I totally cocked it? On chapter 12 on hard atm without killing any humans. I ask because i can see a percentage went up on the achievement for killing 10 humans.
  12. Is there any comparison between this and Akumu mode on Evil Within?
  13. Mercy shot and the killer is just damn near impossible! Is there any kind of step by step guide for this? They get gravely ill and the mercy shot mission just never pops? I don't get it. Ive tried infecting a friend / non friend but to no prevail.. Any tips on this? I don't have the mercy shot achievement.. Would this pop at the same time as the killer if done once? Because Im losing my mind here! Haha
  14. Do these achievements stack with x360 version?
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