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  1. Anyone else hate it when a drunkard pushes you into guards while your doing a stealth mission or a homeless woman keeps going in front of you while your chasing someone.Death.to all of them
  2. Thats what I hate.I had a rage attack on that tank mission and when I hit 100% I never got the acheivment.Than I realize it doesn't exist and they put it in for the dlc.Making me pay for the acheivment <.>
  3. What....I have 100% synch in ACB besides this dlc because I never bought it and the only reason I was about to download it was because I thought it was free(Rather I heard it was) And it costs 800 points to buy it?Now I have to wait untill I buy another card to get the total 100% acheivment. /sigh
  4. I honestly tried the first game and I just couldn't get into it so I bought the second one and became addicted to the series.Beat that one and Brotherhood.Just wondering if anyone else skipped the first game because it wasn't that awesome.To be honest I also hated the map too.Could never figure out where I had to go O.o
  5. Jenrais

    the citadel

    There is a way.youtube getting power armor training early in fallout 3
  6. Meh I've already beat the game though.Just wanted to not collect caps again like crazy.And Im sure the dlc won't work in an older save now that i deleted the dlc and redownloaded it
  7. I redownloaded the patch but my dlc won't reactivate like it did in new vegas.Dunno what to do.Redownload the dlc? also.apparently i still have the outcast radio signal and rivetboat landing marker but the quests aren't in my pipboy.just redownloaded and nothing.
  8. Besides Broken steel.I can buy two dlc expansions today.Was wondering which is the best in terms of loot and gameplay.
  9. Sawed off.horrible.die.everyone who uses it.die
  10. Multiplayer being broken.And being heavily relied on shotgun skills.Random spawn points.Me shooting a guy in the face and hes not even down.A retro lancer that gets me down in six bullets from halfway across the room.. Worst.Multiplayer.Ever
  11. To be honest I still haven't finished gears 3.But I loved the first one because It felt like a horror story and 2 and 3 got more gimicky.Especially the 3rd campaign.I don't want to play two teams.Give me Baird.Cole.Don and Marcus.And Own some Locust.I don't need to play the same story twice.
  12. Maybe this should go in the bitching thread.Not sure.But theres a problem with respawn points in each mode(or at least CTL) I was leader and a bunch of locust spawned around the corner so I had no way to escape.This has happened before where I spawned behind some people in Checkout and killed them without them noticing.I think they should fix the respawn points so they don't drop on top of you and shotgun you to death.Anyone else agree?
  13. Im not going to complain about the one shot kills of a sawed off. But the range of it.It can kill people beyond melee range.I've tested it.I was in Checkout in one of the closed off areas.rolled around to the side and got one shot by a sawed off.about 5 melee hit ranges
  14. Do they count downs?Or do I have to shoot a person Untill they die.
  15. Simple question.Which DLC skin do you use the most
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