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  1. I'm writing a TA guide ATM... Guess I could incorporate that into it.
  2. Not challenges, actual story/sub-mission secondary objectives (EG: don't get hit, don't let turret overheat, etc)
  3. Have you got the dlc episode? The Scarlett's in there might give additional challenge missions? I never played the dlc mission so I can't say for certain. Haven't heard of any being glitched (and mine all popped on time) so hopefully you're ok!
  4. Finish secondary objectives and they'll start to unlock with the underwear (not required for achievement)
  5. Elevator is much faster. You should be able to finish it in around 1m5s on normal. Get your blood up and then use RT+X for instant kills. Use them while keeping the combo going and you should consistently finish with $1mil per minute.
  6. Must be in your account at one time.
  7. Apart from the Scarlett locations (already a guide below), this is a really straightforward completion and I don't think a guide is really needed tbh. Some points to consider though: 1) difficulties don't stack 2) all levels replayable after you finish the story 3) you don't need to start a new game for harder settings 4) grind out cash on the elevator sub mission 5) enjoy the game on normal (you'll have to play story on hard and v.hard after so don't use a guide - just play it for fun ^_^)
  8. 1) that mission was horrible - dont forget that you can block though! 2)you can combine them.
  9. Doubles attack strength, attack speed, and makes blood full faster when at full combo. It also gives a -95% cash penalty.
  10. If it makes you feel better, that is by far the worst of them throughout the game.
  11. For sub missions and challenges, you absolutely must hit conditions. For episodes, you can do most without, but I would advise doing them to be safe.
  12. The glasses let you see what present will be best. Zooming is to kind of "focus" so your guys meter goes up faster.
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