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  1. The game is currently available on Greenmangaming.com for $7.50 ($5.25 after 30% off coupon). This version is GFWL enabled.
  2. Same here. This happens when I try to play a x-platform game; when I try with 2 xboxes, they can't even find each other. Ranked games still work but not Conquer the World?
  3. Yes look at the build date beside it. If it says Oct, Nov or Dec (can't remember which one) 2007 you are ok. If it says 2008, it is patch 3. Just remember when you sign in to decline the update, otherwise it will automatically patch you to version 3. Of course this also means you won't have a time-stamp on your achievement if you're worried about that.
  4. Excellent - Rockstar answered my email and acknowledged there was an issue and they were working on it - and they did! Nice to see a developer who cares.
  5. I've tried this too numerous times and get the same response. I messaged someone who got it recently (end of June 2011) and they said they just kept trying. They'd do an offline race, then try to submit the car. They say it finally popped after 5 hrs. Rockstar's FAQ on the game say it may be linked to a user's Xbox Live Privacy settings - make sure you can share user created content. However, this didn't help me either so I've submitted a help request with Rockstar.
  6. re TA: 99% of those listed as winning in 2011 actually got it in 2009. The 2011 date is date found (scanned by the TA scanner) vs actual date earned. This happens when new members are scanned for the first time. But I'm going to give it a shot anyway - I'll try it on my way to 100 wins. But beyond that I won't bother.
  7. Maybe they've patched it since then. It unlocked for me (and a couple of others I know) after getting all S ranks on Squire.
  8. Yes, I can confirm it as well. Unlocked after getting S ranks on all Squire levels.
  9. FYI - Kaspar's Rifle unlocked for me after finishing Squire difficulty.
  10. Kaspar's Rifle unlocked for me after finishing Squire difficulty.
  11. There's the Gold Star Mission guide by Scrapdaddy (it is about the 5th thread). A lot of the mission requirements are also set out if you hit the back button, bring up missions and look at the details while you're in the Toybox.
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