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  1. Just ignore this moron above and move on. He is clearly likes to listen (or read, in this case) to his own words more than actually listen to other people. But, back to the topic at hand......I would like to see a Phantasy Star character put in here. I like the idea of having Outrun somehow have a racer. And I am shocked that there is no Nights character. You would think that would be perfect for a game like this. Oh and what about a Chao racer? And how do we not get a Shinobi racer? Blasphemy! Lol.
  2. I won't purchase another Battlefield game since DICE has clearly let Battlefield 1943 die in lag-hell for some people and are doing nothing about it. Companies like that don't deserve my money. And I am about the biggest fan of the Alien franchise ever and I also like Predator, so I am super excited to play this game. Don't worry about the bad reviews. Like others have said, these games are a different kind of FPS. It's not the normal COD or Halo experience. It's more survival horror & stealth than action-filled. If that's not your thing, then don't buy the game. I loved the original ones on the PC, so hopefully this game is as good.
  3. You let out a "hearty lol", eh? I am not the one online boosting (which can't be much fun) just to get some achievements that you aren't earning. Talk about pathetic. Like I said, I like getting achievements as much as the next person.....but to waste time doing what you guys do? Yeah that makes me let out a "hearty lol" And I don't play Battlefield: BC anymore. I have moved on to other games (including Battlefield 1943). And yea I didn't get 1000k in BC, so obviously I didn't get all the medals. OH MY GOD! How could I have done that?!! I should have wasted hours and hours boosting with other idiots instead of playing other games and actually having fun! I don't think I will be able to sleep at night knowing a got a 600+ gamerscore in a game! Lol.
  4. I am in complete agreement. Making an achievement guide for a game you haven't played yet (or isn't even out yet) is b.s. This guide is then worthless as any person who read the descriptions of each achievement could essentially figure out what this idiot already did. Also, I think the moderators of this website tend to frown upon people making guides for games they haven't played or haven't even been released yet.
  5. Well, I did bring up "boosting" in a thread on an achievement website and apparently people are insanely sensitive so that means the insults start flying. I was only trying to bring up a point and then I got attacked. While arguing with idiots on the internet is nothing new, of course, I didn't expect people to be so sensitive about the little score next to their name and me calling it, "empty". Or if I challenge their lack of skill in a game. I equate it to talking to a woman about her age or weight. Lol. Oh well. Every once in awhile it's kinda fun to get all these little kids in an uproar. I find it humorous.
  6. And to be honest, I never had this card when I played Magic in the card-game form, but I have learned to LOVE it online....especially while playing against blue. .......... [ATTACH]3701[/ATTACH]
  7. I know I already posted a couple, but here is another favorite of mine in the past and I LOVE it online in the 360 version...... [ATTACH]3700[/ATTACH]
  8. Are you kidding? User ratings are the most worthless thing (other than GOD) in the update. For some reason, they let you rate all games and not just games you have played. So of course, people are already rating games that aren't even out yet or they haven't played. Another wasted new feature.
  9. [ATTACH]3654[/ATTACH] Sorry for the double post, but I had to throw this one in the thread as I had forgotten about it and it was always in my old Black deck.
  10. [ATTACH]3653[/ATTACH] Still my personal favorite......and I smoke people online with it.
  11. I got sick of the campaign after about 5 min. of cheating A.I. I have all cards unlocked and most I did get from playing the CPU in the campaign. But what I would do is get whatever deck I was trying to max out, I would beat the CPU 10 times, then take it online and take my chances. You will get a card with every win and you have a better chance than taking a brand new deck into an online game. You might lose more online this way, but at least you won't have to deal with the annoying CPU. Then after unlocking the cards, go back online with your favorite deck and start winning and fixing that ranking.
  12. Anyone else here sick of this deck while playing online? Yes it's the "noob" deck of the game and it's so easy to use, that my gf could probably win a game or two with it. But this is ridiculous. 7 out of every 10 games I play, I end up playing against the Elf Deck. Most people complain that it's over-powered, but I usually win against it. I just use Black or Red and pick off the buffing elves, ruin their hand with Mind Rots & Rats, and then overrun them with flying creatures or whatever. Not that hard to beat. It's just it's become extremely boring to play against the same deck over and over. Anyone else think this or am I in the minority?
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