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  1. Jungle Cruise...no rating. I finally got around to watching this and that is a lie, as 40 minutes in, I'm out, fuck this movie. I feel like some gross combination of a focus group, and an AI algorithm spit this out. Everyone loves Dwayne Johnson, check. The internet loves the Mummy & Brendan Fraser, check. Disney had massive success with Pirates of the Caribbean. Okay computer simulation, go nuts and run that generic money making sim program!
  2. So my daughter isn't much of a gamer, but wants to try out some games. So first she asked me if I could buy her a gaming pc, because she wants to play Roblox, Minecraft and maybe try something like Overwatch. That was a hard no. Now she suggested she could play on my PS4 with her friend, so she said the first game she'd like to try is Elden Ring if I have it. I don't think I've laughed that hard this year.
  3. I mentioned this in the comments on the news post, but I think they're gonna have to go hard after third party titles for Gamepass, as at the least Starfield was positioned as a huge title and a major part of Gamepass in the holiday window. The value is still incredible but perception can be everything to so many people. So at least when some months are a bunch of indie titles, it's offset by Xbox first party titles day one. The only thing is, what can they realistically bring to the service in the fall, as some of the big third party titles have Playstation marketing deals, like CoD and Hogwarts Legacy. Maybe they add in an Unisoft title (Skull and Bones?), maybe Capcom has a game coming in the holiday window they can add. Perhaps the current gen updates to RE2 & RE3 hit Gamepass.
  4. Finally got a chance to go out and do something without some personal stuff hanging over my head. Went with my daughter to see Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness. Really enjoyed the movie. Sam Raimi definitely brings some of his horror elements into it and the movie has some nice surprises. Only complaint I have at the moment, is trying to keep up with some the plot elements, as when dealing with the multiverse, there is/can be many versions of characters, so I did feel every now & then I had to do some mental checks to figure out what was going on. Looking forward to a second viewing. Also a funny side note, some mom was there with like 5 kids in tow and on the way out, they were talking about some of the stuff in the movie and mom was like "oh yeah...oh wow...oh really". Then there is me, I'M the one excitedly telling my daughter "okay so ********* was a big deal because ******** and the ******** was crazy!".
  5. So if you had to describe this year so far, how would you? I would say I immediately ended up on the wrong street and Connor Mac showed up to roundhouse kick me to hell. However Mike Tyson was there and angry he didn't get a chance, so he jumped in to pummel the absolute fuck out of me. Connor left for some pints and Tyson left to make some tiktoks or something. As I lay on the ground in agony, some asshole bullies from a 80s John Hughes movie or something showed up to pour salt & lemon juice in my wounds. Then I don't know, the bear from the Revenant showed up to fuck me. Then because why not, Amber Heard took a shit on my bed.
  6. I made out today with some total steals, thanks to some crazy deals. Gamestop has a deal going on with preplayed games that stacks with my rewards card, so if you buy 4 you get 30%off, plus my 15% bonus, so almost half price for the four xbox games. Then at another store, they had a redemption bonus for their loyalty/rewards program that I took advantage of. Dying Light 2 Tiny Tina's Wonderland Sekiro (oh no, what have I got myself into?) Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger in Paradise (CHAOS!!!!!!!!!) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  7. This year just keeps hitting hard, again and again. We're about to be hit by a massive snowstorm, and likely gonna be stuck inside for several days. Some choice cuts from the warnings be announced include up to 40+cm of snow for our city, up to 80cm+ for areas outside the city, very high winds of 70km/h. There is this verbatim quote from the weather warning. "Travel will become increasingly difficult as the day progresses Wednesday, with widespread highway closures a near-certainty. By Wednesday evening even travel within communities may become impossible as the heavy snow and strong winds continue... and more of the same is expected on Thursday. Do not plan to travel - this storm has the potential to be the worst blizzard in decades. Stock up on needed supplies and medications now. Power outages are likely, rural areas in particular should be prepared for extended outages."
  8. Lego Skywalker Saga is pretty good so far, if a bit overwhelming with all the content and the massive amount of unlocks (1000+ kybar bricks, 300+ characters). Levels are much shorter and concise but that's not a bad thing. A lot happens between levels, and it makes it feel like you're playing through the entire events of the movie. For example in Phantom Menace, you start with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon on the trade federation ship, get ambushed, go to Naboo, meet Jar-Jar and go to the Gungan city. You hit pretty much all the beats from the movie, but that's just the open hub area stuff, the first level hasn't even happened yet. The voice acting is a bit all over the place though, with the Clone Wars actors being excellent, as anybody who has watched the series will know. A lot of the sound alikes are pretty good & close to the originals, but some are seriously distracting with how off they are, like Qui-Gon, Jar-Jar and Anakin as a boy sounds like a little girl.
  9. At least they're in a playoff spot, my Jets have squandered too many important points losing to shitty teams over this season and will need a incredible run, as well as a lot of luck to make that second wild card spot, only to face the Avalanche if they somehow do it.
  10. Dune part 1. Okay I know very little of the books, and I never saw more than a few minutes of the Lynch version. So I have to say the first 45 minutes or so of this movie was a dense wall of exposition that is kind of overwhelming, as it's like cramming a season of Game of Thrones into one episode. Learn about Araksis, the two houses, the witches, the legends, the birthright of Paul, etc. It's a lot. However once it got past that and things kind of kicked into gear, I got really into it. The cast is tremendous, the world building with practical and cg effects, the costume design, the directing is all really damn good. I'm definitely gonna need a couple more watches to get it all and pick up more stuff, but I'm damn pumped for part 2. Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Oh boy what a piece of shit this was. The first movie was pretty shitty, but I thought maybe with Carnage and Andy Serkis at the helm this would be better. Hard no. It repeated a lot of beats from the first movie, somehow had less action, Carnage is absolutely wasted in this movie in every single aspect. I got two chuckles out this movie, where Venom freaks out "oh shit, that's a red one" and the best line of the movie, "oh fuck this guy". I hate this movie so much. Carnage somehow turns into the Tazmanian Devil and swirls around in a tornado sucking people up. Need I say more?
  11. Foo Fighters drum Taylor Hawkins is dead at 50, no cause given so far. This really sucks, he seemed like such an awesome dude and was a great drummer. The world is just so fucking shitty and awful right now, not just on a world scale, but a personal level for me. It's just so bad and I hate this.
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