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  1. I've not long started Chapter 2 done a couple of missions including hunting a bear. What i'm wondering is, as there's things like Fishing, Hunting, Homestead Stash Locations and other activities including side missions etc, is it better to just carry on excepting missions, hoping they will unlock or introduce you to these activities etc, or do i just have to go off and find them myself, for example "Fishing" is there a mission to start it or do i just buy a rod and go fishing.
  2. I'm getting pissed off saving up Super Spins and winning crappy prizes like Horns & Clothes or repeats and completely missing all the good cars or high money prizes. Whats the point in having like half a million different horns?
  3. What is meant by "complete your 10 placement matches" I click on Ranked Team Adventure pick Games and i get the 5 Events list like normal? It also shows a "X" with Unranked under it on the picture? Does it mean i need to complete all 5/5 Events ten times? Thanks
  4. "Complete a Season Championship and receive a reward". How do you what Championship spot on map you need to go to after you done our first race. I just done the one where you use the Aston Martin JB car, but on the map there's quite a few Championship races showing up and i don't no which one i need to start next to continue the same Championship..thanks
  5. I would like to get this achievement so i'm happy to join and host, i've some Prepper Stash to do still, i'm in Uk and can do tonight after 8pm until late if possible, send message me on XBL and i will check after work later. Got it done now
  6. Hi, i'm abit confused, i just brought the "Commander Deluxe Edition" It says it includes "Elite Dangerous Core, Horizons Season Pass, Commander Pack, Arena, Elite Dangerous" Yet in the store it shows i don't own the "Horizons Extra Edition" DLC. Is this not included in the season pass, and do i still own the Horizons DLC. Plus my Xbox home page shows it as "Elite Dangerous Core"? Plus is there away to tell if i got the Horizons dlc when i start a new game. Also it showing on my Hard drive Elite Dangerous as 16.8 GB and all dlc 10 MB? It doesn't seem correct for such a massive game..
  7. 2016 Honda Civic Type R (paint and tune) 2017 Ford Focus RS (paint and tune) 2013 Ram Ram Runner Forza Edition (paint and tune) 2014 Volkswagen Golf R (paint and tune) Creator - DJ Batfink Tune / Design / Description - ta boost I will download/Like and do some race with others on list as well, thanks in advance..
  8. Nice.. I couldn't work out why my achievements were not unlocking from my imported world so i just gave up, until i read your post and it works, thanks
  9. It took me 2 hrs 50 mins, not too bad and i leved up quite abit afterwards.
  10. looking for a "Thru the Pack" boosting session to join if anyone is doing one.
  11. I've just got the achievement tonight now. Sorry but i haven't recieved any messages from you on my Xbox or this site? otherwise i would've replied and done it with you:) Did you message me at "dj batfink" as that's my Xbox gamertag, and not "djbatfink"?
  12. I got all the kills as i used one game save (sorry i should've said) to complete each kill type, when i got into the main base i saved done a kill type then reload did another etc. But when i loaded up the save then did the "crimson Tide Challenge" then completed the mission it still showed as not complete 0/5 I also asked on the sister site and i think i know why now, someone said: Update: This time around on my second playthrough, i got Hitler to escape in his boat, shot the mine and blew him up and it came up with challenge complete, "Bang Goes The Neighbourhood & Crimson Tide" and is now ticked off, so yeah it looks like challenges only come into play after you've beaten any mission at least once..
  13. Nice guide Question about the challenges, you say in the guide; "Note: Each time you play the mission, if you’ve already completed a challenge, it will still be completed." which i understand, but i've done; "Bang Goes the Neighborhood - Kill Hitler with an environmental explosion". I shot a barrel right next to him. "Crimson Tide - Kill Hitler as he’s escaping on his boat." I shot a mine & killed him, and both times i escaped the island to finish the mission, yet no challenges are marked off, they still show 0/5 and not 2/5? any idea why? Thanks
  14. Looking for someone to help me get "Cupid" Achievement. I'm about most days, just message me GT: dj batfink I will help who ever helps me with any they might need, i do have two controllers. Update: I no longer need help
  15. Ok thanks for the info So if i play up to the end of chapter 2, i will not get any Imperial Magetik Engines dropping enemies from above, as i want to do Hunts, level up etc, without the hassle of continuous drop ships getting in my way, until i'm ready to move on, to chapter 3.
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