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    I have a warped sense of humour, and a bit strange, but I'll game with anyone! Tally Ho!
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    Underwater basket weaving, Extreme Ironing and BMX Surfing I also like cabbage!
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  1. God I have your vote. I used to play this all the time with my bro and 2 housemates. The one clocked 24 hours in one go. Each game was just genius, and the challenges were a lot of fun. I would orgasm if it got an Xbox One release.
  2. Oblivion. Yes its not that old really, but it does look dated. Bethesda could make it look stunning now. Mentioned this in the past but Timesplitters. That would be the only game I play.
  3. Well, I have finally got round to creating a new gamertag, and am starting at 0g once again. I plan to work on maxing games out this time around as this profile is 63% complete. Also won't be going for any crap games this time, as having a huge Gs is pretty pointless. But fun nonetheless. It is something that has been in the back of my mind for quite sometime, and starting a new tag means I won't have the likes of Avatar, Ben 10, and all them awful kids games to beef my score out. Kinda embarrased looking back now at the crap I have played to get where I am now.
  4. Walking Dead. The missus enjoyed it so much we actually went through it together twice. If you've played it, you will know just how emotionally gripping it is. Mass Effect Spec Ops Bioshock I even enjoyed the Timeshift story to a degree, and the ending was something I saw coming. Under rated game.
  5. That trailer made the game look seriously Ott fun. I think I know what I will be buying. Only heard about it by name before today, but if there is MP or co op, then I'm up for that. Not played much in the way of MP for a very long time.
  6. Now that's hard ore Minecraft gaming. I would do the same, but the missus is only just ready for Normal. She intends in working her way up. Me personally, I like to play creative alone. Unless I have a group of people to play with. Otherwise, nothing beats Survival. Searching for ores and maintaining farms for food supplies is always a good challenge.
  7. This will be a day one purchase. Will get plenty of hours out of it. The missus will likely hog the hell out of the console to play this.
  8. I am very interested in grabbing a copy of this. I loved both Dead Island games and Mirrors Edge. Combining the two makes for an interesting end result. I love nothing more than smashing zombies. Is it a release date title ir is it due next year?
  9. Well, on Tuesday I hope to get my pre order booked, but as for games, I will want Dead Rising 3 for sure now. Other games I have narrowed down are a choice between, Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Forza. Going to check out some more information on other games first. Will be able to afford every single game that gets released, but I ain't gonna be that dumb and buy games I won't play.
  10. This. It would totally scare the shit outta them. But when I buy my Xbox One, I will be starting over from 0g. No point in my me transferring all my profile over as I can't play my arcade games on it. That way, I can start afresh, and I will turn off notifications so I don't see achievements pop up, and hopefully I won't get addicted to Gs hunting again.
  11. A lot of people trying to justify won't make it any better. Nor will these bloody analogies. Agree with those saying that taking advantage of a loophole is not ok. It really isn't. I did take advantage and got punished for it. I will still buy an Xbox One regardless of Microsofts action of banning my 360. Just means I start from 0g again, and move on. Nothing anyone will say, will make Microsoft change their minds.
  12. Checked my email account and I have not had any message mentioning a ban from Microsoft. So I am still dubious as to whether or not I will use my tag an an Xbox One. Will just create a new one to save any potential trouble.
  13. Thanks, should have thought of that. I will go and check my email account now. If my tag is fine, then I will go and use it when I get my Xbox One.
  14. Out of curiosity, if I transfer my existing gamer tag to an Xbox One when I buy it, will I still be able to use it? Or will that be banned too. I know my console is banned, as it states that its banned in an error message when I try and sign into Xbox Live. If my tag is banned too, then I will just start a new tag.
  15. Well, just checked and I have been banned. Cannot even sign in to Xbox Live anymore.Oh well, I was expecting that to be perfectly honest, after reading this thread. Means I'll just have to wait until Xbox One is released before I can game online again. Will start a new profile too methinks. Lesson learned and time to move on.
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